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Book One in the Carrier Spirits Series from New York Times bestselling author Cassia Leo.

After more than three centuries as a carrier spirit, Mara has finally found a willing host in Belinda Stiles. As a reward for Belinda's compliance, Mara sets out to help brokenhearted Belinda find love.

With the promise of a new body, Mara dares to hope her plan may work--until Mara and Belinda both fall for sweet and charming Conor. But Mara's feelings for Conor aren't her only obstacle.

A spirit with whom Mara shares a dark past is possessing Conor. Now a war is waging inside and outside Belinda's body and she quickly discovers what Mara has known for centuries:

Falling in love is just as dangerous as battling evil spirits.

Set in a California beach town, Parallel Spirits is a paranormal romance about the power of love, water, and hope.

*This title has been revised and re-released in this second edition.

October 22
Gloss Publishing LLC
Gloss Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Pin landers ,

Amazing a must read

It was honestly a good read I can't wait to read the second book love it that much !!

BabyTig923 ,

Can not wait for book 2!

Parallel Spirits is something totally different from Cassia's other books, but still written in true Cassia style. This was my first paranormal read and WOW is all I can say! Parallel Spirits is a book you have to really pay attention to or you can get lost but it's so worth it!
What I love about this book (besides the story itself) is that it keeps you guessing and is very unpredictable, I had no idea what to expect next but I loved every minute of it!
Cassia takes the story from the past and intertwines it with the present time throughout the story. We first meet Mara and Darius and how they become carrier spirits and then we meet Belinda, Frankie, Conner, humans in the present time of the books.
It doesn't end with a cliff hanger but it does leave you wanting more! I can't wait for book 2!

Annmric8 ,

Confusing to follow all the carrier Spirits...hosting bodies

Parallel Spirits was about Mara trying to earn her body back by restoring the balance of her death by creating true love. In order for Mara to create true love she had to
find a willing host. This is where Belinda's character comes into the story. Mara wanted to force true love between Conor and Belinda, but Belinda harbored feelings for her long time friend Frankie.
Mara was from the 1700s where she was an Indian princess whose destiny was to wed Tuket, but she wasn't in love with him. When the man she loved was taken from her she threw her own life away setting her spirit free. This was how she became a carrier spirit. Mara was a spirit name who reclaimed her human body through Lily.
Her human life as Lily lasted slightly longer than her human life as Mara. Mara was a human two times in the 300 years she's been on earth.
These four characters: Darius, Samuel, Reno, and Tuket, were spirit carriers who
at one point in the universe took over a body using a different name each time. I
have no clue if these characters were one spirit or multiple spirits. Hard to keep
track of.

The entire spirit premise was confusing with the Three-Spirits Law and rules for hosting a body. Mara's character was connected to several characters which confused me. Too many characters hosting bodies as either a spirit carrier or a shadow spirit was hard to follow.

Cassia's Shattered Hearts series will always be my favorite stories written by her.
The writing style since that series has been lackluster.
Cassia overinflated the story with distractions about minute things that prolonged the story. This story was too long and had very little going on to clear up the confusion
of these spirit carriers and their intentions with Conor, Frankie, and Belinda. Many minor characters were introduced that added very little to the growth and development of the story.
The setting was odd with the location being along the California coast with the topic of surfing amongst the carrier Spirits. Frankie's character surfed, yet he wasn't really Frankie. He was Darius which was a spirit carrier. Cassia was good with the art of distraction. All these surfing scenes and yet nothing resolved regarding Mara.
Kindred Spirits is book 2 in the Carrier Spirits series.

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