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Parentography is 50+ pages and 5 easy lessons on the flooring parallels between photography and parenting. A tool in your back pocket, literally, for a new perspective on raising creative, happy, and inquisitive kids. Using simple techniques and tools basic to any computer or smartphone, it's for every parent with an interest in better pictures and re-inspired parenting. Double fist pump, anyone? You got this.

Foreword excerpt: 

“Chantal has inspired me to explore with my kids and my cameras and see what comes to life. I know she'll inspire you too. 

~ Naomi Gal (@naomigal)


"Wow, this is so amazing! Truly as someone who adores photography and being intentional with my kids this book is such a treasure! Truly amazing and filled with so much beauty! I am so excited about this!"    

~ Casey Wiegand (@caseyleighwiegand)

"It's truly inspiring. Chantal nails it -- It's a beautiful page-turner you'll cherish as you enjoy the words and photos that fill the pages."  

~ Casi Densmore-Koon (@cupcakemag)

"Beautiful things happen when we create together with our children. Parentography’s unique blend of photography and family inspires us to view both as a work of art. We’re so excited to welcome Chantal’s voice to the table!"
~ Restoration Living (@restorationlvng)

"Parentography places such a positive light on the relationship between parenthood + photography. There is something inside for every single one of us. I truly appreciate the gentle reminder to live more in the moment with our children + allow our photography to tell the story along the way."

~ Ginger Parrish (@gparrish)

"Parentography is not merely a book. Chantal seamlessly combines her expertise in psychology with her passionate love of family and photography. She hands us each real life tools so that we might walk more closely with our children, learn the depths of who they are, and impart our wisdom, all while teaching them a beautiful life long skill. A true gift indeed."

~ Kelsey Koslowski (@_cherishthemoment)

“In Parentography Chantal creatively parallels basic photography skills with the art of parenting. Practical, unexpected, and full of beauty, this work will both inspire and equip you to approach parenting from a new angle.”

~Heather Boersma (@heatherboersma)

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June 25
Chantal Wiebe
Chantal Wiebe