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This book is intended to help other parents who are currently in the situation we were in. Our baby, only one year old, was discovered to have developmental delays. We knew nothing about autism at this time but was urged by knowledgeable friends to get him evaluated. We followed through and did not wait. As a result of his evaluation he was placed into an early intervention program with the Lanterman Regional Center in Los Angeles, California. He is eight now and still a client at Lanterman. This book is about his first five years in the autism system. It explains our experiences with those first few at-home therapies, his first speech therapy, his OT evaluation, his first IEP, and kindergarten. During these transitional years (our transition from typical parents to autism parents and his transition from typical kid to autism kid) we had a huge learning curve, the learning curve for autism is mind boggling! We threw ourselves into helping our son and learning all we could and keeping on top of his services and his intervention. This book documents the good and the bad during this time. I intend this book as a learning experience, and hopefully your road within the autism system will be smoother.

May 12
Kimberly Kaplan
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Customer Reviews

NIccc13 ,

Spoken by a true parent

I am not a parent of a child with autism, but rather a spec ed teacher working with children with autism and write IEPs for early intervention. I have the unique pleasure of working in the homes of children with autism and listen to their struggles as a parent. This book was a easy read and really touched home on parental struggles and strengths! Thank you for walking me through Josh's early years as sometimes (for a non parent), we educators/therapists forget just how much work parents have to endure all for one truly special person.

Angel keg ,

Parents guide to early autism intervention

Thank you so much for writing this! I've learned a lot and have recommended your book to my husband and my mom. My son was recently diagnosed as severely autistic. He's 2 1/2 but been in early intervention since 18mo. The iep portion was extremely helpful to me.

Bouscal ,

Good first read!

Easy to read and very informative. Having just found our son to be autistic I decided to start learning all I could to help him before we even completely understand where on the spectrum he is. This book was encouraging and educational. Thanks for sharing your story and helping me to accept mine!

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