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By 1965, Melvin Sokolsky was an established name in the world of fashion photography, and his follow-up project, "Fly" with model Dorothea McGowan, broadened the scope of his vision and the breadth of his artistic statement.  More than a re-evaluated interpretation of popular culture movements, the grace and elegance that defines the potential of fashion becomes the syntax for Sokolsky's experimental reveries.  It is no coincidence that Salvador Dali, some years later, found Sokolsky's studio an irresistible destination.   With whimsical flights of fashion, Paris 1965 showcases this industry-defining projects with a series of iconic and striking, newly discovered images from the series and an exploration of the history and modern interpretations of Sokolsky’s vision.

This edition includes an introduction by Ali MacGraw, essays on his vision and process by Sokolsky, and video and audio commentary select pictures in the portfolio.

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December 14
Aaron Drucker

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FineArtCritic ,

A Brilliant Insight into the Artist's Process

This book, the companion to Paris 1963, picks up as Sokolsky returns to Paris for the 1965 collection. This time, Sokolsky pays tribute to his long-time assistant and collaborator, Ali MacGraw, in a touching interview. The book includes his complete "Fly" portfolio (still drawing glares of disbelief from our photoshop-inured crowd), and takes the time to really explore the growth of his process through a unique section he calls "Evolution to Fly," about his experience both the first time in Paris and as he revisits the idea thirty-five years later for Harper's and the New York Times.

Like Paris 1963, there is extensive audio commentary with charming anecdotes about Sokolsky's years of experience in fashion and photography, along with several essays about his growth as an artist.

Alone, it's an invaluable resource into the mind of one of the most accomplished photographers of the 20th century. In conjunction with Paris 1963, it gives a perfect picture of the engaging mind of Melvin Sokolsky.

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