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PART-TIME PRINCESS: Royally Wed: Book #1 © 2014


I waitress at a Chicago dive bar to pay for my uncle's rent at Assisted Living. When an entitled drunk guy harasses my BFF, I pour a pitcher of margaritas on his head. Because no good deed goes unpunished -- I’m fired. I scour want-ads until I find one that doesn’t make me want to hurl.

"PERSONAL ASSISTANT WANTED: Twenties. Fab people skills. Celebrities don’t intimidate you. NDA required."

Lady Lizzie Billingsley– who if you get drunk and squint could be my impeccably polished twin -- is entering into a marriage of convenience with playboy Prince Cristoph of Fredonia.

Perhaps Lizzie needs to re-think her clandestine hook-ups with Cristoph's brother – Prince Nicholas – he of the dark hair, pretty blue eyes, and muscles so ripped a girl could get lost in them.

I quickly discover Lizzie doesn’t really want a PA… she's hiring me to travel back to Fredonia and impersonate her while she clears up a few loose ends in Chicago... 

What could possibly go wrong?


"It's My Fair Lady meets Ms. Congeniality..." ~ Sara Steven at Chick Lit Central Blog

“AHHHHH I LOVELOVELOVE this Book!” ~ Maryam Dinzly

Optioned for Film/TV, licensed by Chapters Interactive Stories as a mobile game, PART-TIME PRINCESS is also available in print and Audio.

1 Click this sexy, hilarious royal romantic comedy!

July 28
Pamela DuMond Books
Pamela DuMond

Customer Reviews

Isha C. ,

Class and sass equal out to pizzazz!

Laugh out loud. What appealed to me about Part -time Princess is the nod to the fantasy of the fairytale. Lucy is an imaginative and fiesty character. She's a scrapper. Not afraid of hard work, but despite her station in life, she never loses her sense of humor. I love this character. Modern meets age old and delivers irresistible. Easy to love. Hard to forget.

PJSPhotogirl ,

Part-time Princess

I truly enjoyed this book. It was funny, sweet, romantic & heart wrenching. I just loved Lucy & Nick.

kay.howard58 ,

ONG! Never read worse

Nothing like a lot of cut ‘n paste to make this read a Total Bore! (Eye roll) Seriously.. is this how she writes books? Sure glad it was free cuz I didn’t get past chapter 2.

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