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In the four years since they graduated high school, Nikki and Kenny have grown closer. Kenny spent the last four years in college and when he graduate went directly into the police academy. Nikki spent the last four years going to college part-time while playing basketball for the WNBA.

Just one week after Kenny’s graduation from the academy they had the wedding of their dreams. Quiet, on the beach, outside Kenny’s hideaway. The reception was held at the bar. They now had everything they’ve worked for since they met. There’s only one problem. Well one problem each.

Kenny always wanted to be a cop, like his father. He’s accomplished that. What bothers him is the thought that he is not enough for Nikki. He’s concerned he will not make enough money to keep her happy and living in the style she has become accustomed to. For the last four years all he has contributed was the money he made part-time bar-tending. Now’s the time for him to step it up. But how?
Nikki is bored. Not with Kenny. She’ll never be bored with Kenny. She’s bored because she is not being challenged. Between her basketball contracts and endorsements she has made more than she ever imagined. More money the she’ll ever need. With her IQ, the college classes she’s had so far have been easily passed. Besides her major is the same as Kenny’s so she knew ahead of time what the classes would entail. While she loves basketball, the others in the league we’re no longer the competition she needed. She’s feeling lost. She needs to figure out what she can do that would create the challenge and competition her mind craves. But how?
On their wedding day Nikki and Kenny became partners in life. Can they figure out a way to live up to their new pact?

December 11
Juliann Vatalaro
Smashwords, Inc.

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