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Length: 15,000 words**This story uses the same characters as seen in 'I'm Stuck with My Sister's Body!', and is a self-contained adventure.**This work of fiction contains adult material and explicit scenes of sex, including gender transformations, playful cross-dressing, a hot encounter between a ghost girl and a vampire girl, and a flaming romp between two partners who have switched gender. For mature audiences only.Excerpt:"And what do you like?" The ghost girl leaned down onto her knees, inching closer to Ashley on the floor. "Did you do something else with that potion? I'm feeling a little...turned on right now." Stacy probably blushed, but she couldn't tell."Well," Ashley started. "I added a sexual enhancement." While it was a little embarrassing to mention to her female friend, she also couldn't deny the strange feelings that were welling up inside of her. This whole situation had transformed from strange and scary into something erotic. She unconsciously spread her legs and allow her ghostly friend to enter in closer."So you wouldn't mind if I did something like this?" Before Ashley could say anything, she felt a cold pair of lips press into her mouth, sending shivers down her spine. While she could feel the pressure, Stacy's touch was more or less a chilly air mass. Under the influence of intense sexual lust, she relaxed her mouth and let her friend's tongue push in, feeling as if she was sucking on an ice cube. Meanwhile her breath was damn near frigid on her cheek, but it wasn't stopping her from welcoming the embrace with open arms.As the translucent girl moved against herself, Ashley felt her breath quicken, rising in all the excitement of this incredible situation. Never had she felt attracted to her friend, or even another girl before. Now, she was as turned on as ever, feeling this cold body grind against her own. She was smart enough to realize that the attractions were manifested by a potion, but that didn't stop her from reveling in the sensations of pure lust in the heat of a lesbian seduction.

Fiction & Literature
July 26
Gregor Daniels
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