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The India collection comprises the three books in the India series and a surprise bonus story.

Parvathy's Well & Other Stories

Six captivating short stories that take you on an Indian Odyssey. From the North to the South, from the rich to the poor, from children to adults, these tales traverse innocence and experience and the innate tragicomedy of life itself. The breathtaking and varied tableau of the Indian subcontinent is just as much a character in the stories, as the protagonists themselves. Prepare to be immersed in, and become one with each of the characters, as they offer you a glimpse into a life and a landscape far removed from your own. Prepare to journey into a foreign terrain where heat and dust, passions and secrets, beget unforgettable narratives with themes universal and timeless.

Damage & Other Stories

A young boy sidelined for being different, an artist unable to distance herself from her past, a famed actress past her prime, a Casanova who plays women but is acutely aware of his loneliness. These are some, amongst the various tales of damaged people seeking escape, fulfilment or acceptance. 

Some long, some short, these sixteen stories have common themes of unhappy marriages; of secrets and lies, pleasure and guilt; of children letting down parents and vice versa; of women of a certain age, and whether or not they've still 'got it'; of entitled and misogynistic men; and of the hypocrisy and double standards within Indian society. 

With original and unexpected angles, these tales explore the darkness that underpins the often ordinary lives of people. Thought-provoking, intense and evocative, these stories will transport you into the heart of India where tradition and modernity collide, often with devastating results.

Holi Moly! & Other Stories 

'Holi Moly! & Other Stories' is a collection of tales filled with optimism, laughter, grit and resilience. Stories about everyday people who refuse to let life's adversities bog them down. From a woman rediscovering herself in unusual circumstances to an older man finding purpose in his twilight years; from four friends holding each other up as they navigate life's hardships, to a young girl determined to rise above her circumstances - these are stories about the indomitable human spirit. 

Heartwarming, uplifting and bittersweet, the third book in the India series comprises eight stories that explore the more joyful aspects of humanity. Tales that reflect the many facets of a land and a people who, despite their circumstances, find that ultimately, a life well-lived is one that is replete with love and meaning.

A real gem of a book, beautifully written, and full of surprises! It draws you in, with the wonderful scenes, through various lives in India. I didn't want this book of short stories to end, left me wanting more.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
This collection of short stories draws you in and deserves your full attention. These stories take you through a labyrinth of damaged and flawed characters.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
Poornima's latest stories are still vivid with Indian culture, colors and flavors but, after having visited the dark side of humankind, this volume tells universal tales of love, friendship and above all, hope. 

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December 23
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