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Regency Romance with a modern sensibility 

I love Regency Romance, but I adore Tessa Candle’s books. She never fails to deliver an action-packed romp through London and the English countryside, featuring unique and totally relatable heroines, irresistible love interests, and a cast of family, friends and villains that thoroughly captivates. And there’s always tea. Very hot tea. Ev Bishop, USA Today bestselling author

The ladies of Regency England are turning the tables. Can the Lords keep up?

This binge-worthy box of witty Regency Romance novels has just the right amount of steam and will lead you on a merry chase. Let the lords enchant you and carry you away to another time.

Three Abductions and an Earl

Lydia Norwood fails spectacularly as a débutante. When her family has loses a fortune, she discovers that the ton is hard on a nouveau riche social climber, particularly one who is no longer riche and only wants to climb trees. A chance encounter with the earl only complicates matters. Will she risk everything to be with him?

Mistress of Two Fortunes and a Duke

Heiress and incorrigible do-gooder, Tilly Ravelsham has a double life. Despite falling for Rutherford, a delicious man about town, she is bound in a secret pact to the man about to marry her. But when he becomes the Duke of Bartholmer, will Rutherford decide there is such a thing as a young lady who is too interesting? 

Three Masks and a Marquess

The mysterious and desperate Widow Colling is not all she seems. She is not even the Widow Colling. But she can hardly be blamed for assuming false identities: it is the only thing keeping her alive. The self-indulgent Marquess of Fenimore is also not all he seems. A resolute bachelor, he poses as a dour woman-hating curmudgeon, but the case of the vanishing widow fascinates him. How can he resist the allure of the one woman who decidedly does not want his attention?

This collection contains the first three books in the Parvenues & Paramours series, which are all full length Regency Romance novels. Bedroom doors wide open—but not until the characters have earned it.

You will love these books, because you crave that witty Regency dialogue but still want strong, unconventional heroines and a peek into the boudoir. Is that too much to ask? Of course not! Go get your delicious Regency escape now!

December 3
Winding Path Books
Tessa Candle

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