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TJ Cole, aka Pasco, had been known as a two-fisted, hot-tempered teenager. That is, until he met Lydia. When they finally started dating, TJ's hot temper turned to passion. And that passion gained him a life-long reputation in Brewster, Missouri in the pre-Civil War days.
It started out as an innocent little picnic in the town park. Mr. Passion became impetuous and kissed Lydia....in public. That next Sunday, the pastor preached on the damnable practices of open displays of affection. Lydia's father just laughed at the pastor's feeble efforts and gave TJ the nickname of 'The Missouri Stud'.
Lydia's father did apply the rod of correction, though. For the next four Saturdays, he forced her to work with him as he mended the fences on their property. And, then he told TJ what portions of the fence they would be working on. But, her father forgot to bring more than one set of tools. Needless to say, Lydia and 'The Missouri Stud' got as much kissing time as they needed.
They married and immediately brought a handsome son, Teddy, into the world. Five years later, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl, Shelby made their family complete. They were interrupted by the Civil War for a few years. But, at the end of the war, TJ was voted in as the pastor of Brewster Community Church.
At first, pastoring drove the couple to distraction. Trying to handle everyone else's problems eventually began to bring problems into their own marriage. God dealt with TJ and reminded him that beginning with Adam and Eve, He had created a family long before there was ever a church of any kind. God's instructions were clear. TJ was to manifest God's love by first loving his wife and children.
TJ and Lydia worked hard at keeping their love affair fresh. At first, their children didn't know how to react to them going for a walk by themselves and holding hands. And then their mother and father started doing dishes together and laughing with each other. Then there was the matter of them kissing. Teddy politely turned his head.....most of the time. But Shelby stopped what she was doing to watch every second. Even when they caught her watching them, she just giggled and went back to what she was doing.
Then one day, the Indians came.

January 20
Henry Givens
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