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Georgette Frost’s time is almost up. On her twenty-first birthday, the protections outlined in her late parents’ will are set to expire. With prospects for employment or marriage unfavorable at best, she decides to leave London and join her brother, Benedict, on a treasure hunt for gold sovereigns stolen from the Royal Mint.
 Lord Hugo Starling has always felt protective of his friend Benedict’s sister, Georgette. So when he discovers her dressed in ragged boy’s clothes, about to board a coach for parts unknown, he feels duty bound to join her search. But mystery piles upon mystery as they cross England together, not least of which is the confounded attraction between them. As Georgette leads him to a reward he never expected, Hugo realizes he’s embarked upon the adventure of a lifetime…
Richly rewarding.” —Booklist, starred review on Fortune Favors the Wicked

February 28
Penguin Random House LLC

Customer Reviews

cdb393 ,

A lovely romance, but not a great treasure hunt

I won a copy of this book through a giveaway on the author's Facebook page. Also, it is the second half of a duo and I think it could be read as a standalone, but reading the first book helps you understand some of the backstory to this book.

This is a lovely Regency romance. Georgette, the heroine, is an independent, smart, and feisty heroine. Hugo, the hero, is a physician who is trying to get funding to set up a hospital to help people from all classes in London. When Georgette decides to find her brother and join him in his hunt for lost gold coins in hope of gaining the reward money for finding it, Hugo goes after her to make sure she is okay and eventually joins her for his own purposes. Both Georgette and Hugo were well-developed and likable characters. Georgette is the perfect combination of practical (the way she helps with whatever is needed) and whimsical. Hugo is an academic with a desire to make the world a better place. The author does a good job of creating a backstory that explains exactly how Georgette and Hugo came to be the way they are which is always nice.

As far as the romance and development of the relationship, that was also well done. I love how Hugo observes Georgette and really knows her needs and desires. Hugo’s definition of love, including ‘putting down a book for one’s companion when one only wants to read’, is swoon-worthy. They’re very sweet together and I found the HEA very satisfying.

The only small problem I had with the book is that I would have loved the treasure hunting aspect to be more front and center. Maybe it’s the mystery lover in me, but I would have liked there to have been more clues and more searching. Instead that storyline takes a backseat to Hugo’s acting as a town doctor. I enjoyed that storyline, but would have liked to have seen it as an addition to the treasure seeking storyline instead of the main storyline.

Overall I found this a very enjoyable read and would recommend it to any fans of historical romance

Marina Ariadne ,

When's the next one due out?

It's possible there won't be one, because generally we don't follow characters in a later book, unless there's a new romance to follow.

I suppose Linton might be the next character in need of love.

Please write more--these were nicely complex characters along with a twisting plot.

momof3boysj ,

wonderful romance

a fun adventure-filled romance with a quest for gold, danger, and love...dreams for a future for each turn to dreams of a future together!

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