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Passion’s Price is the story of a Native American woman who would risk her life to save the one she loves and a the man who would stop at nothing to keep her safe.

This story is set in 1700’s. Golden Dawn is the daughter of James Fitz-Gerald and New Moon, who were first introduced in Passion’s Vision. Dawn has inherited her mother’s gift of visions that sometimes promise happiness, but all too often hint of grave danger. This story opens with just such a vision.

In the grips of the most fearful vision she has ever had, Dawn sees darkness and smoke. Flames erupt and a gunshot pierces the night. Pain hits her chest and Dawn knows what she must do, even if it means her own death. She must travel to England. Will she be strong enough to stand between Buffalo and the danger threatening him? She does not know, but she is hell bent on trying.

Dawn is a warrior woman, who will stop at nothing to protect the man she has claimed for her own.
She has determined in her heart to find and eliminate the threat to Little Buffalo, before it can claim his life. But he scoffs at her attempts to help him. Worse, she meets his beautiful fiancée. He reminds her that his adult name, the name he is known by in England is, Raven Cloud.

Raven has spent the past several years of his life trying to forget his heritage. He is a half-breed savage who doesn't fit into the white man's world, or the red man's world. His hatred for the unknown man who sired him has stalked his whole life, forcing his exile from the Indian town where he grew up, Chota Town, and the family who raised him. His anger is a curse, causing him to head to England to try and find the man who fathered him, then left his mother. When Dawn arrives, telling him she is there to protect him, his memories of the young girl she was do not gel with the woman she has become, distracting him from his self-imposed mission.

Someone is trying to harm him, and the reputation as a sound businessman he has tried to build. Many of his merchandise warehouses have been burned to the ground. He knows someone is trying to jeopardize all he has built for himself in England. Dawn’s vision only confirms for him that the danger is not only to his reputation but to his life as well. For her own safety, he cannot allow her to become involved.

October 3
Mary Adair
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