Passover for the Family

A Complete Guide for Families With Children

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This booklet is designed to help you do a Passover Seder with children. Most Passover dinners are long and the children get hungry and do not understand all of what is said. Designed to be read to younger children, or read by older children, this Haggadah (which means "the telling") can be discussed before you eat, during a separate time together as a family, or if you want to read the first part of the book, then eat and finish the book like a regular Passover Meal, go for it.  My thoughts are, when you have children, you design it for what works with your family (be flexible and fun).

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January 31
Touched by Grace
Touched by Grace
Grades P-5

Customer Reviews

Marines2002 ,

Great book on Passover for the Family.

Whether you are a Jewish family or Chrisitian family this a great book to help understand the elements of Passover. The story of Moses is covered and the Exodus from Egypt and where it can be found in the Torah. This author believes Jesus was Jewish and was central to the Passover and participated in Passovers himself. The author in no way believes Jesus was Christian. The book has great recipes and a condensed version of the longer adult Passover Hagaddah's. The author does believe from what I can read that the Jewish Jesus referred to, is the long awaited messiah.

vld3591 ,

Passover for the Family...but not for the Jewish family

This book provides a Christian slant on a Jewish holiday, using Jesus' life and resurrection to give meaning to and explain some of the traditions of the Passover holiday. While I am sure that Christians may enjoy this book, the
story of Passover is the story of Moses and is one of freedom, occurring long before Jesus was born. If you are Jewish you may want to think twice before downloading this book. The title may be called Passover For the Family, but in my opinion, it is not an appropriate choice for the Jewish family.

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