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"Cold Justice" is set in a cold wilderness in the dark of night. Carly Perkins is chasing low life William James Bradford in the dead of night. If he gets to his cabin safe haven, all will be lost. Darkness is her only protection against this maniac who has already given her a flesh would souvenir. But the rising sun and the sound of large footsteps in the snow only add fuel to this tension filled situation.

"A Brother's Love" Jack Sullivan is a door-to-door vacuum salesman in 1950s middle America. He's finally found a few days to himself and gets to visit his Big Brother Mark his wife, Nancy and their newborn daughter. When an emergency takes Mark to the office for a bit, Jack and Nancy begin to reminisce about the past, specifically family history and why they named their baby, Jacqueline.

"Cold Faith" finds a man named James Bailey trying to make it home to his wife and more importantly sick daughter Sophia. After skidding his car into a ditch, he walks the icy roads in next to nothing. Can a good Samaritan named Clarence help James with his crisis of faith?

"Family Dinner" A Jack Sullivan story! Thelma Ronetti is invited to Sunday dinner with her boss, Jack Sullivan. The location is at her father, notorious gangster Anthony Ronetti's house. She blames him for the death of her sister, Brenda. Jack pleads for her to go as a sign of good faith to his boss. Will Thelma keep the moral high ground? Or will she compromise so that her boss can get a much-needed job?

"Past and Future Love" finds private detective Jim sitting across from his ex-wife, Angelica. She is in tears, having found out that her current husband is cheating on her with some red head. Jim tries not to smile, know that she left him for her current situation. He would almost laugh--if he didn't still love her. perhaps now was his time to make a move and remind her of what she left behind. It's not like he put her in this position. Or did he?

Mysteries & Thrillers
February 25
Brian Webster
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