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A page-turning debut written in the tradition of R.L. Stine's Fear Street, Goosebumps or
Haunting Hour.

In the town of Riverville, there is a street.
It was a street where they used to hang witches.
It is a street where students from school are known to have vanished without a trace, even
till today.
It is a street where strange things happen to people.
It is called Fox Street.
But kids at school call it by another name.
The Witch's Street.
Kim has been having nightmares every night, dreaming that she was a gypsy living under
Nazi occupation, in a past life. And in her nightmares, is also a young man, whom she is not
only had been a prisoner of, but also that he happened to be obsessed with her. Her
nightmares seem to be true, when she sees that very same young man who had been
obsessed with her, from her dreams, joining her class. It seems that the past has come back
to haunt her.

Free Chapter:
The cellar was very cold. All she had was a blanket and a bed. But no pillow. And she
had a window to look out to. She had been separated from the rest of the other women. And
what was their crime for the ordeal that they had suffered.
They had all been gypsies.
That was their only crime.
Germany and the rest of Europe had fallen under the control of the Nazis and their
leader had made all Gypsies, Slavs, Jews and other ‘undesirable’ into slave labour, destined
for termination.
For death.
As for her, it all started one terrible night. After the Nazis had taken over Prague, the
Jews and Gypsies of that great city had been rounded up by the Nazi police, the Gestapo.
She, like many gypsy women, had been forced into labour camps and made to do all
kinds of work demanded to them by German-speaking military officers, mostly women.
And they were all forced to live and sleep inside concentration camps.
But not her.
The Nazi officer who ran that area of Prague, kept her in a separate cell.
She had been visited every single night since her imprisonment.
She was very beautiful and he did not want her to die. At least not yet, she believed.
Every night, he visited her cell.
And she was afraid of him.
He threatened her before that if she did not do what he said, he would have her entire
family killed instantly.
She had no choice but to become his slave.
She was his personal slave.And the door cell opened.
She saw him entering the cell room.
He was very tall and muscular; with very pale skin, strikingly blue eyes, golden hair,
broad shoulders and his face had a sharp cruel angle.
The face of someone very ruthless, manipulative, cruel, aggressive, very
domineering, intimidating and a typical sore loser.
“Hello my beauty!!! I am in need of some comforting tonight!!!!” the German officer
closing the cell door behind him.
She moved her back against the wall.
She was very scared of him. Of what he could do to her family here in Prague.
He was way much taller than he was.
“Why are you so afraid of me???? I really like you!!! I think you’re beautiful!!!” the
officer walked towards her, easily slipping his arms around her waist. Their hips meet.
She could tell that he was roughly the same age she was. A young man ordering the
locals of the city who were much older than he was, to do what he ordered them to do.
As he was about to force his lips on hers, the whole cell was vibrating.
“The Allies!!!!” the young officer cursed.
She just stared at him, hoping that he would let go of her waist.
“They’re here,” the officer stared out the window.
And then she heard a massive explosion happening all around her.
The last thing she heard and saw was the entire building coming down on the two of

Young Adult
June 8
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