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The Entreprenati are the Illuminati of entrepreneurs - not just business entrepreneurs, but life entrepreneurs.

Every human pursuit, business or personal, is shaped by the animal spirits of entrepreneurism, the raw ingredients of Entreprenati magic - whether you strive to succeed in your care
er, avocation, family life, or anything else that's captured your imagination or passion. There are Entreprenati in every realm.

The mark of the Entreprenati, whatever their endeavor, is belief in their ability to forge their own path through the thicket of human experience to bring themselves to their own success. Not to "arrive" at success, as if carried there in a chariot driven by others, but to bring yourself there, under your own power, in your own way, in your own time. Not success as others define it, but your own success, as you yourself define it.

People the world over yearn for success. Yet in whatever way they measure their own success, most feel they're not attaining it. The story's the same in every enterprise, personal or professional. Many dive in, some drown, the bulk just tread water, others taste success to one degree or another, but only the tiniest sliver ever ascend to the rarefied ranks of the Entreprenati.

Follow the journey of Glith and Jesse, an experience designed to rouse within you a choice you may not know is in there - the choice to embark on your own path to the Entreprenati.

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February 1
Entreprenati LLC
Entreprenati LLC

Customer Reviews

Hawksmoor007 ,

Great book for Entrepreneurs!

First off, the digital version of this book for my I-pad looks Awesome! Scrolling or flipping through pages was seamless, the font is easy to read. Okay, back to the book. It makes you think and question yourself, which I find myself lacking at times, getting caught in the rat race.
The author, (Pace Klein) writes a great manuscript with proverbs leading each chapter which helps accentuate his point. Also, through out the book is a fictional story of two old friends reuniting in France. One of them belongs to a secret sect of the Illuminati, called the Entreprenati. We get to go on a journey of self awareness through the main character as he journey's towards the Entreprenati.
I know this might sound a bit much, but the author does a great job of seamlessly crafting all these stories together. It makes sense!