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Half-elven Pathfinder and noble detective Varian Jeggare is down on his luck and searching for it at the bottom of a bottle, sunk so deep into his own despair that not even his loyal bodyguard Radovan—a streetwise rake with the blood of devils in his veins—can drag him out of it. But when a job gone wrong puts a price on Varian's head, can Radovan hunt down the assassin and save his boss from their enemies—and himself—before it's too late?

From fan-favorite author Dave Gross, author of the Pathfinder Tales novel Prince of Wolves, comes a rollicking urban adventure story set in the award-winning world of the Pathfinder campaign setting. Though this short story stands on its own, the further adventures of Radovan and Jeggare can be found in the novel Prince of Wolves, which begins shortly after this story ends.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
October 6
Paizo Publishing
Paizo Publishing, LLC

Customer Reviews

Mister Lou ,

Nice Teaser for Prince of Wolves

This is a fun story. I don't play Pathfinder and have not yet read its tie-in novel, but thought this made a good introduction to both. The story switches back and forth from first person accounts of Varian Jeggare and his Hellspawn bodyguard Radovan. Jeggare's voice is a little over the top in its use of purple prose at the start, but becomes more assured as the narrative progresses, and Radovan's is pitch perfect. I would have appreciated a little more background on Chelaxia and the world in general, but had no trouble following as a non-player. The action, of which there is plenty, is well-handled and exciting. And the story contains several color illustrations, which is very much appreciated (a credit for the artist would have been nice though). Overall, a fun read and a good introduction to the characters in the novel Prince of Wolves.

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