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After failing alien tech has caused a fall of civilization, tech exposure has developed humans capable of replicating and fixing it. In a struggle to bring together the shards of America, will it be reunification under democracy - the revival of the Union? Or will it be consolidation by conquest, as a tyrant pursues dreams of empire?

As war is coming to the remains of the Midwest, the court "wizard" of Rado fights not just for his Governor, but for his dream: a school to train adepts to weave the psionic magic needed to forge a new hybrid infrastructure.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
May 21
Matthew Kennedy
Smashwords, Inc.

Customer Reviews

Kylixie ,

A great adventure with unique elements

I’ve become a huge fan of this author and after finishing his Gamers and Gods trilogy I was excited to sink my teeth into this series. We are brought into this unique semi post-apocalyptic world where the current situation is well presented and explained without feeling like you are being talked down to, instead you get to see things through the alternating character’s eyes.

The creativity and intelligence that went into this story was just as impressive if not more so than the previous books I’ve read by Mr. Kennedy. The concept of the “Pathspace” was unique and interesting with a bases in real life physics. That’s part of the beauty of this story, the feeling that everything could really happen. A sci-fi world that is believable really helps to pull you in as it is quite easy to suspend your disbelief. I also liked how he brings in current real-world affairs and shows the possible consequences of even well-intentioned beliefs.

I highly enjoyed getting to know the characters and found myself rooting for some, disliking others and genuinely caring about most of them. The psychology behind some of the character’s actions was complex and realistic. A character driven novel with magic, war, underdog heroes, aliens and themes that will make you question your actions and their effects on this planet and future generations, I’d say this was a great beginning to another amazing series.

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