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Although the Trans-Leátions reside 1000 light years from Earth, they have been tasked by God to aid humanity through channeled writing and inner dictations.Their connection will help us all to open our hearts and minds while assisting in our individual and global Ascension process.

Through these 'beings' of light and love; we are also encouraged and guided to realize our own divinity. We are given knowledge to improve our lives in seeking true wisdom within ourselves.
In our self-realization, we can continue to understand the soul’s ultimate goal and return to Universal peace and love, our true home.

These extraordinary communications, some written in ‘rhyme and reason’, are supported with amazing illustrations which enable the Trans-Leátions to answer many questions about our past, present and future. They leave us in no doubt that in our own true 'stillness', a 'Pathway' of truth is revealed to each and every Soul.

June 17
David Knight
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sosarx ,


Words truly cannot explain how thankful I am for being able to and been given the chance to learn as much as I have now. David I thank you and all who have helped me grow. I grow everyday and I can see it so. Love is everywhere and peace comes with it. I know that if everyone in the world with open minds were to read your books, new love and light would flourish, in fact I guarantee it!! Love is a beautiful thing and it makes me so happy that I've come to realize these things. I am truly blessed to have progress as far as I have. I love learning about myself, and hope everyone else in the world can come to realize their true selves and the love the surrounds as well as connect as all. God Bless you all! My prayers go out to all, and once again I thank you David, and all who helped you write this book ( as well as your other books ). My thanks go out to you. =]

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