Paul S. Endy Jr. Las Vegas Casino Gaming Legend

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There isn’t a person who had anything to do with the gaming industry in Las Vegas—or the world for that matter—that doesn’t recognize the company name of Paul-Son Dice. But how many know the name of the man behind Paul-Son, Paul S. Endy Jr.? He was known by many names, including Mr. Paulson, the old man, a mover and a shaker, a bull in a china shop, and Mr. Endy. But to me he was known as my father, and I would like to share the story of his life and the legacy to the gaming industry he left behind.

Dear Eric,

I went to work at the El Cortez in 1965. By 1967, I became the Casino Manager and started doing business with your dad. I became his oldest and largest customer. Over the years, through several more hotels, I gave Paul-Son Dice and Cards over 90% of my business --- gaming tables, dice, chips, etc.

Your father was a true pioneer in the gaming supply business. He, myself and my father, Jackie Gaughan, are all in the Gambling Hall of Fame. Your brother, Tom, and I were close friends and my son, John, worked one summer for your company.

Eric, best of luck on this endeavor. I am sure if your father were still alive today, he would be proud of you.

Michael Gaughan

South Point Hotel

Dear Eric,

As a Las Vegas resident since 1964 and Mayor for 12 years, I had the pleasure of knowing your father Paul Endy Jr. both personally and professionally. I remember having breakfast with him and the other “movers and shakers” at Papa Gars which was right around the corner and across the railroad tracks from Paul-Son Dice and Card Company. Your dad reminded me of a “Bull in a China Shop” and was able to get things done today, not yesterday and sealed with a handshake. I consider him as a gaming legend and one of the “good old boys” whose fundraising efforts for both UNLV baseball and Westcare were commendable. Thank You for continuing his gaming legacy.

Mayor Oscar Goodman

Mayor of Las Vegas from 1999-2011


Your Dad was a real Casino Gaming Legend and a great human being! I remember when your father was inducted into the gaming Hall of Fame in 1996, an honor very well deserved. I will always cherish the time your Dad and I spent together and the commitment we both had to fundraising for charitable causes. I am so proud that you are continuing his legacy by writing his biography.

Wayne Newton

Mr. Las Vegas

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