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Commander Jonathan Radec has finally obtained everything he ever wanted in life. However, in a cruel twist of fate, just as he reaches out for his most heartfelt desire, it is torn from his grasp forever.

“For only he who has experienced ultimate happiness, can completely understand the deepest depths of absolute despair.”

Jon has always trusted those closest to him implicitly. It has long been his greatest strength, but one that his enemies have come to realise is also his ultimate weakness. For it is always those closest to you whose betrayal cuts the deepest.
In a horrific, pre-emptive strike at the very heart of the Imperium, the Senate is completely wiped out. In the aftermath of the attack, surrounded by the cries of the dead and dying, destiny once again reaches out its long arm, forcing Jon down a path he has long resisted. For, ever since the day he first set eyes upon Sofia, Jon has been destined to stand above all others.

As the last Emperor of the Imperium.

Jon has already fought through the very depths of hell itself and out the other side to save the ones he loves. Now, to save his family, he will gladly lay siege to the heavens themselves, for they tremble at his approach. As Jon not only commands the living, but also the dead, and they all want revenge against those who have taken everything from them.

Even if the rest of the Imperium must burn first.

The terrifying finale of the Redemption Trilogy. A Science Fiction adventure/romance, which tries to answer the question: “Can you ever find redemption for the mistakes of your past?”

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 20
Mike Smith

Customer Reviews

Scott11024 ,

Pax Imperia

Fantastic trilogy. Amazingly deep characters. Well developed plot. Must read.

Potato unicorn ,

Where is the revelation trilogy???

I just finished pax and I thought the story was over, but I see hope! Revelation trilogy! Is it currently in progress? One can only hope. No story before has captivated me in the way that this one did.

ArptOpns ,

A Good Story

Enjoyed reading the series. I don't see how you come up with the stories and then put it on paper. Glad you can cause I did enjoy them. Keep up the good writing. Now onto the next series.

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