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How would you like to reduce certain PCOS symptoms by up to 60%, completely eliminate others, and significantly increase fertility without the struggle and yo-yoing of traditional diets?

In side-by-side studies, it has been repeatedly shown that those affected by PCOS lose up to 75% less body fat than those without it on a traditional diet, even when they eat the same amount.

It's hard to lose weight with PCOS. It becomes much easier when you are equipped with essential knowledge of your body chemistry and hormone balance specific to those with the condition, which can be the key to finally unlocking the weight loss your body is capable of, even after many unsuccessful attempts.

If you're feeling frustrated or scared following your PCOS diagnosis, take comfort in knowing that simply changing the way you eat has been shown to be one of the most effective tools in reducing and eliminating symptoms. Women who are of average weight, overweight, or obese can apply this collection of dietary solutions found in this easy to read book for surprising and proven results.

Inside, you will find:

How reducing just one specific type of food can cut some symptoms in half

Why weight loss is harder for those with PCOS, and how to effectively bypass the cause for real fat loss results

The truth about PCOS and Insulin Resistance, should you worry?

Foods that are shown to change androgen levels

How to hack the glycemic index to eat more of what you want

Why a PCOS friendly anti-inflammatory diet may reduce some symptoms up to 80%

How you can effectively take breaks from your diet to lose MORE weight

The most powerful mindset for effective dieting

How vegans can adjust their diet for PCOS

Specific supplements and medications proven to boost fertility

Even if you have had no success in the past and have bounced back to your original weight or higher after a diet, be confident in knowing that you didn't have all the information you needed to diet with PCOS. If you are ready to finally take control of your weight and watch the pounds and symptoms disappear, start reading today!

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October 6
Jane Kennedy
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