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Are you depressed, living in doubt, unbelieving, fearful, anxious, confused, and grieving? Do you believe God has abandoned you? God Almighty is always there for you.

Have you been going through a bad marriage? Have you been divorced? Do you want to end your life from all the misery from within and without? Oh, my little ones, God is not even a breath away. He is there for you.

Are you the one God is calling out to? God is the god of peace and love. He is waiting for you to call out the name of Jesus for his gentle touch of salvation. He wants to free you from death, hell, and the grave.

Are you the one who has run away from Jesus and his loving hands of forgiveness? Come back to him. He did not leave you. You are mad at him, but he is not mad at you.

Are you the one who has lost your little child, wife, husband, brother, or sister? God Almighty, the creator of your very being, is there for you—always loving, always caring, always blessing. I have your answer, my friend. His name is Jesus Christ, the son of the living God. He is alpha and omega, our beginning, and with his presence, there will never be an end.

Let me share with you my personal collection of psalms, poems, and thoughts, which God has given to me throughout the years. It is my heartfelt prayer that if you can relate to any of these life issues, you are the one this book was written for to give you peace in the midst of the storms of life.

—J. Michael Vessels

Fiction & Literature
November 9
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