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Detective Dave Robicheaux is facing the most painful and dangerous case of his career. A troubled young woman breezes into his hometown of New Iberia, Louisiana. She happens to be the daughter of Robicheaux's onetime best friend -- a friend he witnessed gunned down in a bank robbery, a tragedy that forever changed Robicheaux's life.

In Pegasus Descending, James Lee Burke again explores psyches as much as evidence, and tries to make sense of human behavior as well as of his characters' crimes. Richly atmospheric, frightening in its sudden violence, and replete with the sort of puzzles only the best crime fiction creates, Burke's latest novel is an unforgettable roller coaster of passion, surprise, and regret.

The twists begin when Trish Klein -- the only offspring of Robicheaux's Vietnam-era buddy -- starts passing marked hundred-dollar bills in local casinos. Is she a good kid gone bad? A victim's child seeking revenge? A promiscuous beauty seducing everyone good within her grasp? And how does her behavior relate to the apparent suicide of another "good" girl, an ace student named Yvonne Darbonne, who apparently participated in a college frat orgy before her death?

Can Robicheaux make his peace with the demons that have haunted him since his friend's murder so many years ago? Can he figure out how a local mobster fits into all the schemes and deaths? Can Robicheaux's life be whole again when it has been shattered by so much tragedy?

Once again, Burke proves why he is the virtual poet laureate of southern Louisiana, and why his novels, especially those featuring Dave Robicheaux, stand as brilliant literature and entertainment for our time.

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July 18
Simon & Schuster

Customer Reviews

BlueDog70 ,

Poetry on the Bayou

Few can evoke that special place which is Louisiana with such heart and lyrical soul...you're a treasure James Lee and you've helped me understand more about where my family is from than any history book

Anthony Stunning ,

Pegasus Descending

Excellent! The story is filled with the atmosphere of the locale. The literary allusions clearly indicate that Burke is a very well read man. Like Somerset Maugham writing a Mickey Spillane story. Dialogue (and dialect) are first rate. Enjoyed this tale from beginning to end.

Redbearn66 ,

Pegasus Descending

This is a great story on several levels. For me, one of the many who served in the Vietnam War, each time he mentions a moment in his memory of the War, I identify with it in some way. We have felt the same loss and anguish, trod the same jungle and experienced the same aftermath. No one who has not been in War cannot know what shape the returnee is in. His or her dreams and the battle they fight every day and night. As a former Police Officer I also identify with the battle that never ends and the pain of deceit and betrayal you experience. The writer holds your attention and when you finish, you are not disappointed. Lastly, having lived on Pensacola Beach during Hurricanes Ivan and Dennis and Katrina, I know about the destruction these storms bring. I eagerly await the next story. Oh, by the way, I went through the periods of drinking as our hero did, for the same reasons. I got out the other side, severely damaged by everything, but now am ok.

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