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This book takes you through a dissection of the human pelvis & perineum with REAL photos that show you all the steps involved and details of the anatomy of the pelvis & perineum as you have never seen it before.  For students performing the dissections, the instructions are concise & easy-to-follow with helpful tips.  For students who do not have the opportunity to dissect, this book provides you with insight you cannot get from a textbook.

Co-Authors of the original 2011 print version: Dustin Tetzl, Justin Neira, José Ramirez, Lily Grossmann

Who should buy this Multi-Touch Textbook?

Medical students

Dental students

Nursing students

Physician assistant students

Physical therapy students

Occupational therapy students

Massage therapy students

Students reviewing for Board Exams

Residents who want to review their Anatomy

Anyone interested in Anatomy


High-resolution zoom-able images


Complete glossary with images


Ability to create notes, highlight & underline

Direct links to the Web or Wikipedia

Built-in Dictionary

Table of Contents:




How to Use this Book

Chapter 1: Inguinal Region

• - Female Inguinal Region

• - Male Inguinal Region

• - S*****m, Testis & Spermatic Cord

• - Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 2: Anal Triangle

• - Ischioanal Fossa

• - Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 3: Urogenital Triangle

• - Male Urogenital Triangle

• - Penis

• - Female Urogenital Triangle

• - Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 4: Bisection of the Pelvis

• - Bisection of the Male Pelvis

• - Bisection of the Female Pelvis

• - Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 5: Nerves of the Pelvis

• - Preparation of the Pelvis

• - Nerves of the Pelvis

• - Review – List of Structures & Quiz

Chapter 6: Internal Iliac Artery & Pelvic Wall

• - Internal Iliac Artery

• - Pelvic Diaphragm

• - Review – List of Structures & Quiz


July 24
Columbia University
Columbia University

Customer Reviews

Gyunov100 ,

The best by far

I've been using this iBook for about four months now as an aid for my anatomy course, and as compared to my other resources, nothing beats this one. Do not hesitate, this is so worth it!

jesskb2188 ,

Hands down the best resource

I’m a medical student and this dissection manual is AWESOME. I’ve been using it (and the other dissectors in this set) throughout my first semester of medical school and it’s really fantastic. The pictures, the quizzes, the easy-to-use format were all excellent. There’s a flashcard feature for each chapter so you can test yourself on everything. There’s also an immensely useful searchable glossary for all the terms, which I use all the time. I didn’t use any other resources for this class, other than my professor’s notes. Definitely recommend.

r.aminov ,

Nothing compares!!

This iBook is really something great. It allows you to view real pictures and follow along with step-by-step guidelines. Each bold-word structure is clickable and has an entire definition, along with context about it. There is a huge glossary that is extremely helpful when you want to quickly look up some keywords. AND there are quizzes at the end of each chapter to help you master the material. This tremendously helped me for my anatomy course, and I definitely wouldn’t hesitate in buying it!! Love it so much!!

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