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Getting stood up for her high school prom turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to Colleen Kilcannon. Because when Joe Mahoney offered to fill in as her date, magic happened. By the end of that night, Colleen had given up her dreams of flying the friendly skies and seeing the world…because nothing in that world could compete with her firefighter. She and Joe spent twenty-five years together, deeply in love until he died in the line of duty.

Tim McIntosh has avoided Bitter Bark for forty-five years. But when the international business executive returns to his home town to fulfill his father’s dying wish, seeing Colleen again is inevitable. Determined to deliver a decades-old apology, he visits the dog treat store she runs, where a couple of sweet old ladies persuade him to participate in Peppermint Bark, a holiday dog fostering program. They even have the perfect dog for him to foster, an impish Westie named Bucky. There’s just one problem...someone else has already claimed that dog. Someone Tim remembers quite well.

As Colleen and Tim rekindle their friendship and co-foster a dog that seems to only be happy when they’re together, old sparks ignite. But time is short. They only have the month of December together before he returns to his life of international travel…and she returns to what suddenly seems like a mundane existence. Their relationship deepens while they set out on an impossible holiday mission to fulfill his father’s deathbed request, uncovering life-changing secrets. It’ll take one little Westie, two scheming grannies, and a whole lot of Christmas magic for Colleen and Tim to finally get a second chance at a dance that just might last forever.

Many of the covers of The Dogmothers (and The Dogfather series) were photographed at Alaqua Animal Refuge in Florida using rescue dogs from the shelter, and "local heroes" as models. A portion of book sales is donated to that amazing organization!

November 16
South Street Publishing
Roxanne St. Claire

Customer Reviews

RiaMorse ,

Wonderful, amazing, and what a journey

Once again I have laughed, cried, and laughed some more. This book is another amazing gift for Christmas!
I loved everything about it, and don’t want to spoil it for others! If you have not read the series yet, start at book one and enjoy your ride

Mpomper514 ,

Peppermint Bark - Second Chance at Love

While this is the ninth book in the Dogmothers series, the surprises are many. Little did YiaYia know that this was no ordinary trying to match up one of the family with someone new, but a 45-year reunion waiting to happen between Colleen and Tim. While Joe Mahoney was the love of her life and she still missed him incredibly, what happens when the high school boy who captured her heart and disappeared the night he was supposed to take her to prom returns 45 years later? Loved how they reconnected after all these years and took up where they left off. Was cheering them on and was so happy that Colleen was given another chance at love. Loved Bucky the foster dog they shared, the mission that Tim’s deceased father sent him on, and the magic of Christmas, family and love. Must read for those who love second chances and romance that blooms during the holiday season.

BBQ griller ,

Love This Holiday Second Chance Love Story!

I absolutely LOVED Peppermint Bark by Roxanne St. Claire. Once again Roxanne St. Claire has delivered another smash hit Dogmother matchmaking romance with Peppermint Bark, the ninth book in The Dogmothers series. I can truly say that Peppermint Bark was an incredible romance. I am not sure how Roxanne St. Claire continues to do it, but I absolutely loved every moment on every page and could not put it down. All I know is that each book in this series keeps getting better and better, and once again I think that Peppermint Bark is my favorite, but I feel that same way after I have read each book in the series. Who doesn't love big families, romance, sexy men, strong women, and dogs? Lots of dogs! I always enjoy that Roxanne St. Claire incorporates the pictures on the book cover and the title of the book into the love story. I love that Peppermint Bark is told from the viewpoint of the main characters. I really enjoy getting the perspective from those characters. I love getting inside their minds and knowing their thoughts and how they really feel. Peppermint Bark is a second chance at love story and is filled with heartbreaking and heartwarming moments. I love the lighter moments where I find myself smiling and laughing out loud. My favorite moments are the ones that pull at my heartstrings that cause me to sigh, as I read the heartbreaking moments. Peppermint Bark is filled with such moments, and with so much emotion. It is filled with all those things that we have come to love and expect in a Roxanne St. Claire love story. Especially the poignant and bittersweet moments that filled this page turner, and the many surprise plot-twists. Once again Rocki proves that she is a master storyteller who always delivers truly page turning romances. I love the big, loving, Irish, Greek, Kilcannon-Mahoney-Santorini family! I feel like each book feels like a family reunion and gives readers a chance to catch up with all the Kilcannons, Mahoneys and Santorinis. Peppermint Bark is the story of Colleen Mahoney, widow, and co-owner of Bone Appetit and Tim McIntosh, vice president of property development for Indigo Hotels. Tim was Colleen’s high school boyfriend and prom date, except that Tim stood her up and did not show up to escort her to the prom. The events that took place that night changed the course of Colleen’s and Tim’s lives and futures. Colleen never knew what happened to Tim, he never returned to school following that fateful night. Tim is returning to Bitter Bark for the first time in over forty years to keep a promise he made to his late father, Mac. Mac gave Tim a list of people who he wanted to make amends to and grant them their heart’s desire. Meanwhile the Dogmothers set up Colleen and Tim to foster the same dog, Bucky, the Westie. Colleen and Tim grow closer as they spend time together as they foster, Bucky and work on Mac’s list. It was heartbreaking that so many people did not have anything good to say about Mac. I love how they believe that Bucky is the reincarnation of Murphy, the Kilcannon family dog. I loved Bucky and Lucky! I love when both Colleen and Tim get real with their true feelings for one another. I love that Colleen changes because of her feelings for Tim and saying goodbye to her past. Tim discovers what real family love is all about after being surrounded by the Kilcannons, Mahoneys and Santorinis and discovers his own heart’s desire. My favorite parts are the surprise plot twists, that I did not see happening, that keeps me guessing how everything will get resolved so that Colleen and Tim can get their happily ever after. I am so glad that Rocki decided to give Colleen her own love story and happy every after. I really enjoyed all the flashback scenes and the music, it reminded me of my own high school days. As a Pittsburgher, I love the references to Pittsburgh, especially Willie Stargell. As always, my favorite part of Peppermint Bark is how the epilogue goes above the happily ever after, and how and where the proposal takes place. As always, I love Gramma Finnie and YiaYia, and their matchmaking abilities. Once again, this book is filled with Gramma Finnie’s heartwarming sayings, that I have come to love. I love the conversations between Gramma Finnie and Colleen, and how she helped Colleen realize her dreams. Peppermint Bark was the much deserved, beautifully written story for Colleen. It was a wonderful story filled with everything that I love in a book. Cannot wait to be reunited with my favorite Irish and Greek family members when the Dogmothers work their magic with the remaining grandchildren. I highly recommend this wonderfully written second chance at love story!

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