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For true love, nothing is impossible.

Robin was born poor in a rough, remote part of England. She survived only by disguising herself as a boy and learning to hunt on her own. Then the kindly de Vere family helped her become a proper, polite young woman…almost. Despite the family’s efforts, Robin’s heart is still wild, and when she learns that a valiant knight—one she’s always admired—needs her help, she finds her cause.  

There is no other knight in England quite like Octavian de Levant. Born in Africa, raised in the Holy Land, and trained by a military order, he’s a skilled fighter and a constant wanderer. Now, he’s sworn to aid the king in the war for the throne. The last thing he wants on his expedition is the company of the fiery and unpredictable Robin. But she is also the only person who knows how to get him to his destination.

The unlikely pair venture deeper into the deadly landscape of the border between England and Wales, and soon find their uneasy alliance growing into something more passionate. Robin and Octavian can’t give in to those feelings, or they’ll be lost in a maze of broken promises and conflicting loyalties. A path to happiness seems impossible. But for true love, nothing is impossible.

The fourth and final book in the Swordcross Knights: a series of full-length historical romance novels set in the vivid and beguiling world of medieval England.

April 24
SkySpark Books
Hammer & Birch LLC

Customer Reviews

Dano03 ,

Peregrines Call

A good story. A joy to read. I’d look to a sequel of their future travel.

Peg1951 ,

Great Story and Series

Sir Octavian de Levant was born in Africa, raised in a monastery in the Holy Land, and has been in service to English Lords and the King for many years. Although he loves to wander, he has grown tired of traveling for others. He is ready to settle. Robin de Vere was founded and taken in by the deVere family when she was a child. She has known Tav for many years and has been in love with him almost as long as she as known him. When Tav is assigned a dangerous mission, Robin decides that he needs her help and sneaks away to meet him. He allows her to go with him. Will the two of them together be able to accomplish the mission he as been given?

As they travel, they discover that they love each other. Tav believes they must resist their feelings, and they try. What will happen if they give into their desires? Is it possible they can work things out and be together?

Tav and Robin are very much alike, both stubborn, loyal, and kind hearted (although Tav wouldn’t admit to it in his case). The story is exciting. There is intrigue, mystery, and danger. The villain in this one is a vile, sneaky liar – not to be trusted. The secondary characters are the familiar knights and their families from the other stories in the series. This was a lovely story and a excellent way to end this wonderful series.

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