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Wed without my knowledge to a perfect stranger.

Forced to hide out together in the wilderness.

Are you kidding me, sis?

You’ve married me off to the world’s gruffest man for my protection?

Until today, I had no idea that I even needed protection.

Now, everyone keeps telling me that I’m fragile.

That I need a live-in bodyguard ’til death do us part.

Whenever that might be…

Who is Rex Wilder, anyway?

An old friend of the family — but why?

Hardly the kind of guy Pops would have approved of!

Tattoos everywhere. A temperament darker than his ink.

Ripped. Rude. Rough as hell.

I’d hate his guts if his ice-blue eyes didn’t keep setting my heart alight.

I’ve been burned in the past, though.

My psycho ex is still out for my blood.

Nowhere is safe — not even our forest hideaway.

And I’m not even sure I’m safe with him as it is: my brute of a husband.

Is he the most dangerous of them all?

But in spite of the threat, in spite of the secrets, in spite of my better judgment…

I keep finding myself unable to run away from Mr. Wrong.

What is it about being married to this man-beast that makes me go wild?

If I give in to my animal instincts…

Will love make me fall prey to his darkest desires?

This is the first book in the Perfect by Chance Series by Everly Chase.

November 6
Wild Hearts Romance
Vasko Pty Ltd

Customer Reviews

Sav 91 ,


Not your typical “damsel being hunted” “go hide in the woods” start of a series. Life changing plot twist and who’s trying to kill her?

Nanseelou ,

Pay attention!

I found this book confusing! After book one I'm still unsure as to why Eloise is living with and married to Rex??? Although I like their chemistry and Rex has a quirky sense of humor, I find the plot hard to follow. I'm going to keep reading the series to try to clear things up!

hornytink ,


This book was in the erotic romance... no sex at all. The grammatical errors drove me crazy. I don’t know why but there are many hyphenated words, where they don’t make sen-se.

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