Perfect Match

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While Not Looking For Mr. Right...

Although she vows that she's locked her heart and thrown away the key, ravishing red-headed Lauren Stevens suddenly has several men vying to prove her wrong—and to win the right to set free her passionate self. Button-down banker Oliver Gotho seems like a good candidate, but it's Oliver's sexy brother Alistair who has invited the beautiful, penniless free spirit to share his living space—temporarily, of course. She thinks she should encourage the successful businessman brother, yet is it Alistair with the oh-so-sensual magic touch who holds the key to her happiness?

Has She Found Her Perfect Match?

Sexy, wise, and charismatic, Alistair has offered Lauren a place to stay out of the goodness of his heart—and certainly not because of her gorgeous eyes, luscious lips and enchanting body. Lauren may entrance him, but it's time for him to find a sensible woman to take to wife. And Lauren, with her penchant for peccadilloes, spells nothing but trouble. But spring is in the balmy New Orleans air, and so is love, as both Lauren and Alistair discover that the heart-pounding perfect match isn't always the one knocking at the door...

January 27

Customer Reviews

glhince ,

Quick reading, it is a perfect piece of candyfloss beach read

The second re-release in digital format from Hailey North, Perfect Match is another title that is loaded with nostalgia, but may have readers wondering a bit.

Lauren is apparently gorgeous, but her self-esteem is pretty much non-existent. Deciding that a relationship is not for her, she is determined (for about 20 minutes) to steer clear of men. Enter Oliver and Alistair, brothers who both have a thing for Lauren. Her scheming and more “logical’ self says that Oliver is the better choice, but her heart and her ego warm up to Alistair’s near over-the-top flattery and attention.

And that started my first problem: I dislike wishy-washy heroines (or heroes) and don’t find the triangle theme particularly amusing. North did try to add humor into the story, and provide some situations that varied from snicker-worthy to embarrassing chuckle, but soon the triangle hijinks were no longer amusing. She needed to pick someone already.

Oliver is bland, successful but bland, as was his ‘interest’ Barbara. These two had little personality shown, and without a great deal of action or interest in them, soon became unnecessary to the plot. I will say that the stories are entertaining in that ‘oh no she didn’t’ sort of way that is often accompanied by an eye roll.

Quick reading, it is a perfect piece of candyfloss beach read to amuse, but not challenge overmuch.

I received an eBook copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

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