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Most parents find it more difficult to talk to their son about puberty. However, after reading Boys will be Boys parents fears will be gone as they will learn all about what boys go through during puberty, how they cope with the changes that are happening to them and how you as a parent can communicate openly with your son discussing everything there is to know about boys and puberty.

Dr Triece provides a bang-up-to-the-minute guide for parents who need help and advice in talking to their son about all aspects of puberty. Not enough support is available for parents when talking to their son about matters related to sex, but Boys will be Boys is a fantastic, well written and straight talking read that gives parents the information they say they need, and want.

This brilliant read focuses on how boys change during puberty as well as sex and relationships. It helps parents to be more aware of what their son is experiencing and how they can help in dealing with the worries and concerns of their son as he approaches, and goes through puberty. Boys are generally at a disadvantage as they go through puberty because much of the sex and relationship education within schools focuses on puberty, and the emotional and development needs of girls. However, boys also need and want support and guidance as they are changing on their transition to becoming an independent young man.

Dr Triece has worked with parents and their children for many years, developing communication models to help in talking openly about all aspects of sexual matters. This brilliant read is an example of this giving parents the knowledge, skills and confidence to talk to their son, and believe me after he has gone through puberty he will be so thankful you bought Boys will be Boys so you could help, support and guide him through this difficult and confusing stage of his life.

April 18
Dr Triece Turnbull
Smashwords, Inc.

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