Perfect Prince

A Qurilixen World Novel (Dragon Lords Anniversary Edition)

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Once mated, these shifters will do anything to protect the women they love!

A Perfect Escape... 

Nadja Aleksander has everything she could ever want in life, except her freedom. Skipping out on her engagement to a man her controlling father has chosen for her, Nadja books passage on the first ship she can find. Bound for a planet of primitive humanoid males, she plans on finding a simple, hardworking man who will allow her to live out her days in total obscurity. Unfortunately, simple isn't what fate has in mind.

A Perfect Mistake... 

Dragon shifter Prince Olek is pleased with his refined and blushing bride. When she chooses him to be her life mate, appearing happy in her decision, his heart soars--until the next morning when his new princess wants nothing to do with him. The dragon prince doesn't know what he's done to upset his alluring woman, but he is determined to reignite the hot sparks that burned the night they met.

Book Two of the Dragon Lords series:This is the original Dragon Lords series' Revised Expanded Anniversary Edition by NY Times and USA TODAY Bestselling Author, Michelle M. Pillow.

"Olek should really leave his mate for me. I was totally made for him." Mandy M. Roth, NYT & USAT Bestseller (2010)


About the Dragon Lords Series

The dragon-shifting alien princes have no problem with commitment. In one night, they will meet and choose their fated mates in a simplistic ceremony involving the removing of masks and the crushing of crystals. With few words spoken and the shortest, most bizarre courtship in history, they will bond to their women forever.

Praise For Perfect Prince

REVIEWER CHOICE! 5 Stars! "Ms. Pillow's strong characters, fast-paced plot...made this an outstanding book... Ms. Pillow's talent for storytelling is sure to make her a renowned author of the romance genre." Tanya, Sizzling Romance (2004)

5 Stars! "Exciting and Sensual" Valerie, Love Romances (2004)

5 Stars! "An extremely good dragon shifter arranged marriage book! I liked the characters of Olek and Nadja very much and the storyline was interesting and original plus it was well-written and flowed smoothly." Anita M Fuhrmann, Bookbub (2021)

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A Qurilixen World Novel

The Qurilixen World is an extensive collection of paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction romance novels by award-winning author, Michelle M. Pillow, and includes several series installments: Dragon Lords, Lords of the Var®, Space Lords, Captured by a Dragon-shifter, Galaxy Alien Mail Order Brides, Dynasty Lords, Qurilixen Lords, and more.

April 20
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Customer Reviews

lsc81163 ,

Nadja and Olek

Nadja Is running from her father and the fiancé chosen for her. Her father is the head of the Medical Mafia. He is cruel and ruthless. He has controlled Nadja her entire life. Now she is escaping. The spacecraft leaving is taking brides. The Galaxy Brides is short several women so Nadja is told to board. She and several others are taken to Qurilixian. There they will be selected by masked potential grooms.
Prince Olek is participating in the Breeding Festival with his brothers and cousins. He is masked and as the women walk past his crystal lights up for the one.
He has found Nadja. She seems happy with him until the next morning. She doesn’t want a prince. But the are married after the crystal was smashed. Now he must deal with an unhappy bride. However, making cures for medical treatments is her passion. Yet she is secretive and scared of something.
A good story about two people with secrets that need to learn to trust each other. Has a HEA.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

anij822 ,

Love these Dragon Lords!

“Once you break the crystal it can never be undone, not in death or separation.”

Oleg explained this to Nadja and she acknowledged the finality of what he was saying. Based on their instant connection I thought they would be perfect together but unfortunately Nadja has issues and by the half way point of this book I wanted him to somehow figure out a way to dump her and find another more worthy woman. Oleg is so amazingly perfect and she did not deserve him. She’s the most selfish, glass half empty heroine I’ve ever encountered in a book. It wasn’t his fault she made assumptions about him and being angry because he’s a prince was just ridiculous. How could she think her father would be more powerful that the son of the King and Queen? She kept so much from him but then constantly faulted him for his own secrets. He was sweet, kind, strong, handsome and loving and she still wasn’t happy. The book would have been more enjoyable with a more likeable heroine.

The rest of the book was great. The world building is incredible and so real. I can’t wait to read the next book, and the next, and the next. I’m really loving these Dragon Lords!

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

Topmom52 ,


These Qurilixen stories are so interesting. The customs of a new planet are intriguing to learn. Nadja had no idea what she was getting into when she boarded the Galaxy Brides ship to escape her father. Prince Olek and Nadja are both very confused with the reactions of each other. The story is fairly fast-paced and held my interest.

I received a free copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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