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It’s senior year at St. John’s High School. The hot topic of this school year is sin. Take the time to meet Abigail Benson, the former model student at St. John’s High School, who turned to the partying lifestyle as an escape of her abandonment from home. Abigail becomes the scapegoat of the school, while facing daily harassment by her peers, and teachers. She is rescued on day by Antonio Clarke, who she later falls in love with. Is this true love, or lust? Besides from being the quarterback for the football team, and earning a full ride scholarships to universities, Antonio Clarke is mostly known for his polygamous lifestyle. He is known for using girls by showering them with love, and gifts. His hedonism has led to a twisted web of his own wrongdoings, and he has met his match, Lily. Lily Monroe is a junior, and one of Antonio’s girlfriends. She has a deadly secret, and she refuses to tell anyone...even if it could kill people who she cares for. Nyla Thompson lives with her single mother, who happens to be a self-made millionaire. Her house was once a paradise, until her mom married an abusive husband. To look for asylum, she tries find love in the wrong places. Tiffany Jameson is the captain of the cheerleading team, but she isn’t the stereotypical cheerleader. She has never been on a date. She’s also a tomboy. Tiffany is also bisexual, and has a strong passion for Abigail when they become friends. How can she tell Abigail her feelings for her, while keeping her lifestyle a secret from her conservative household? Lastly, meet Trina Osgood, the daughter of a church family. Her father is an influential pastor, and the owner of a stockbrokerage firm. For Trina, life has been about money, and image. Although she is only fifteen, she will be forced to become an adult once she discovers that she is pregnant, and Antonio is the father. How will she be able to tell her family, and deal with an ex who denies all rights to their child? Welcome to Perfect Sin, where the sins of each character could cost each other’s lives, friendships, relationships, ruin reputations, or perhaps, spark some romance. Perfect Sin gives a realistic view of today’s society with topics such as HIV, teen pregnancies, and the LGBT community while adding some drama.

Young Adult
June 1
Brittany Bing
Smashwords, Inc.

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West Dream ,


The story was ok for a start. I was caught by surprise in some parts of the story. I have no sympathy for Tony at all. It's his fault. Nyla story I really enjoyed