Paradise Solve All Problems In The World

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(Universe run Chaos that turth noting more evil)

S un Boom (S un beleve) may be return to 5000's before

BooM MooN Zhzhz

Must our see Bible Follow Bible not follow people

( iTunes PodCase sound Bible but The New Testament only )

God is Begin God is Ending

Don’t worry Only Believe

Why The World not is PERFECT noting Bible and God

Final Event Issue Out that 7 thing don't do with true heart re correct

people to high hill form daytime (Revelution 21-22) Now arrive Haven

The Earth is 7015 year that form sky descend New Jerusalem 22000 km Cube

God come back later not later because God want every 1 people to Saved Seven Land Five Ocean 7Day is Sabbath 7Golden Lamp stand

God don't create money God unlike money God is free for all thing All people everyone to made money S lave 90%Problems come form money

All Religion More same Point because מגדל בבל‎ Migdal Bavel

eg. Noah Nature All Religion inside teach should same 1000-3000 Holly

Now form A ( Adam Ava ) to X>Y>Z World ' sssssss
2A fair ar perfect eden unknow living day but must over 999 year or 10000 year



Solve All Problems In The Global

Every Day All issue Problems Repeat to Repeat Over 7 Thousand Year
World diffency 10000 years with Haven . Come back see 7015 years Before to 8900 years . The World very behind !!!!!!

Freedom more time, Joyful, Happy, No pollution pressure crime hate sick war power, LOVE, little Jobs. Time s behind 2000 year

There are a lot of people in the world live in pains and sufferings because of many problems; the problems become more and more, and the world will come to its end. There are many warnings of it now.

This movie disassembles solutions to all global problems like the mysteries of the world and the universe, money and poverty, power, administration, unemployment, pollution, climate change, greenhouse effect, food shortages, disease, lack of resources, waste of competition, unfairness, education problems, lack of love, family problems, distrust, state trust, religion, life habits, crimes …

Freedom, joyful, living area become to nature. Everyone Working 1 day form 3 months. Broken building slowly to destroy for nature living area. Road more is strange forward noting, more line and function.

Richer and Polities Persons will be Records. Poor Person wills 2 millions for each.

For un-fortune may be return to use money on slave world. In the city business building more redecoration for home. Only best product form votes and productive, only mega mall.

Everybody according to Bible. Bible and Education will be visual for teach people. More regional same as common points because build high building to over God to be diffency regional and 5 ocean, 7 land.

The president changes the world by using a microphone; the Internet makes the world close; Facebook changes people’s communication; the movie can also change the world and people’s mind.

Kingdom and President is noting that all people Jobs co-operation and commutation, same as Apple Shop is no position titles.

Angel Job knows all things from Ancient times to the future and eternity, and understands the truth. He makes the world peaceful and happy, therefore, people all have a broad smile on their face and all the world people get true freedom.

The world's problems above are closely linked, all the problems are related to each other and they are originally inseparable.

There is a very important reason behind

The whole world will live a life nearly perfect in the future

Till an everlasting completely perfect one

Religion & Spirituality
May 8
Angus Jobs

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