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Despite her best intentions, Kick Keswick—international jewel thief, fabulous dresser, gourmet cook, and woman-about-town—finds herself drawn into the glamorous, dangerous world of jewels (and the people who covet them) . . .

It should have been the start of a perfect sojourn in Provence. Kick Keswick had just settled down to warm chocolate soufflé with a decadent Grand Marnier sauce and a small glass of Armanac when she received startling news: The personal jewels of the Queen of England herself have gone missing. And she wants Kick to get them back. Most of the world knows Kick as an expert in jewels and antiquities, having been the right hand at Ballantine & Company Auctioneers in London, but others know Kick as the world's finest jewel thief, a woman who can stand out in a crowd at will, but who can also blend in when she wants to.

Kick desires nothing more now than a quiet life, but Her Majesty requests her expertise (and Kick's vanity is more than tickled). So the chase is on, in a race that takes her from Provence to Paris, London, St. Moritz, and Milan - and puts all her wiles and talents to the test as she faces a thief whose skills match her own. And with Kick Keswick on the case, there will be trouble afoot - of the multifaceted kind.

With sophistication, wit, and insider details, PERFECT is a madcap adventure that takes you on a quest for the things that make life worth living . . . or at least worth talking about.

"Kellogg's focus tends be on the luxurious food, clothing and jewels of the heroine and less on the mystery at hand, but it works. It is all part of a well-developed and charismatic character. Kick is why we are reading the novel and the mystery at hand is really the sideshow. . . Kellogg is a master at detective novels. With this addition to her Kick Keswick series, "Perfect" is just that."

—The Denver Post

"A sharp dressed vixen who never let her job get in the way of having a decadent meal or a good long soak, Kick is tailor-made for a slick, smart women's film in which the adventures are daring but hardly life-threatening and filled with an addictive la dolce vita buzz."

—The Hollywood Reporter

". . .a breezy, addictive entertainment . . . Kick is a delightful protagonist: utterly indulgent and yet self-disciplined, needing only herself to get through life, but loving her husband for the fun of it. Kellogg's burnished prose deftly immerses readers in a deeply pleasurable world of shameless wealth, yet neither author nor heroine ever seems like a snob."

—Kirkus Reviews

"In Kellogg's latest frothy adventure . . . (Kick Keswick) has what it takes to slip right into the character of Princess Margaret of Romania and penetrate the haute monde of the exclusive Swiss resort . . . her fans won't be disappointed."

—Publisher's Weekly

About the Author: Marne Davis Kellogg is the international, best-selling author of 11 mysteries, including the highly popular series of capers featuring Kick Keswick, the world’s greatest jewel thief. In addition to her writing life, she is Executive Vice President of The Kellogg Organization, Inc. Marne and her husband, Peter, live in Denver and on their Colorado ranch in the summertime where she cooks the decadent meals found in her books. Marne and Peter visit England, France and Italy at least once a year where they research Kick and Thomas's environs to make certain they're as accurately portrayed as possible.

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October 17
Marne Davis Kellogg
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