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A Romance That Will Capture Your Heart!

Bradan's life changes when he meets the one woman he wants in his bed, and in his life.

Bradan Reid moves to Seattle to escape heartbreak. In this steamy new adult romance, he falls for a beautiful aspiring chef but she's not easy to win over. Cami has stolen his heart, but the secret she holds will either destroy their love, or save it. Will she tell Bradan the truth?

Cami knows he is a bad choice but can't walk away.

Cami Joubert moved to Seattle to leave the pain of her past behind. She finds more trouble than she can handle in Bradan, who seems to be with a different woman every night. She's trying so hard to "not do stuff that's bad for her," but her attraction to Bradan is too strong.

"Their eyes met and electricity went through Cami's petite frame like a lightning bolt. Bradan's thick brown hair was etched with blond sun streaks, gleaming beneath one of the few spotlights in the room. His blue eyes captivated her. But it was his body that made her swoon. If he'd worn a blazer, it was off now. He had only a soft, pale shirt with several buttons open, and the cloth settled over his hard body. The gorgeous man was solid sculpted muscle, which couldn't be missed even under the casual shirt."

Sexy & Dangerous Series:

Four sexy & dangerous men, four unforgettable romances.

Each sexy alpha male meets the woman that is perfect for him but flawed in her own way. In each of these romances, the hero risks all to save the woman he loves in an angst-filled love story that you won't be able to put down.

Perfectly Shattered (Bradan and Cami)

Perfectly Ruined (Nic and Karina)

Perfectly Flawed (Sean and Adrianna)

Perfectly Broken (Tomas and Susanna)

April 17
Camden Lee Press, LLC
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

busymamastill ,

Perfectly loved it!

Perfectly loved it! Two young adults, each searching for a new beginning and running from the pain of their pasts.

Amusing at times, gut-wrenching and honest ... you feel the pain each of our main characters feel. Cami is trying to start anew and re-build her life. For someone so young, she has already experienced so much traumatic loss and she no longer feels strong enough to deal with that level of emotion and anxiety. In an era when we are used to a strong female lead, Cami comes through as brittle, fragile and somewhat lost. She is trying to keep things from spinning off her control and feels very uncomfortable falling in love with anyone at this time. And then Gradan enters her life.

Gradan is your typical alpha player. A different woman every night, whiskey to drown in, dreams of making it big in the tech industry. Behind this bravado exterior, he is also trying to soothe his heart from the break-up of all times. This new life suits him, he thinks, because he has freedom, women swoon at his feet, and he has no feelings for anyone of them that can bring him complications.

Drunk on whiskey and glazed scallops adorning his pants, he is mesmerized with Cami the first time they see each other. The feeling is mutual! Our story grows from there as our characters learn to deal with each other as well as all the confusion they are feeling.

Emily Jane Trent is giving us another jewel from her magic pen. These flawed characters grow and change as they accept the inevitable. She gives us enough plot twists here to keep us on the edge of our seats until the end.

Jen Veer-Boyes ,

5 stars +

I loved this book. I totally recommend this book. Loved The characters I love the passion I love everything about it. Can't wait to read more.

Shytowne ,

Bonded not Shattered

You know its love when you spill food over the guy your crushing over but then you find out that said guy is a hot but drunk womanizer it makes you think twice about things. Bradan Reid moved to Seattle to not only jump start his career but to run away from the woman that broke his heart and ever since then he went from woman to woman thinking that would protect his heart from getting heart again. Cami Joubert suffered to devastating loses and also moved to Seattle to jump start her career as chef. The seem to keep being at the same at the same time. They tentatively start a no strings attached casual relationship which it immediately turns into something more. How Cami thought she could resist Bradan made me want to shake her. I mean seriously you have everything you ever wanted in man standing in front of you, why would you run away from that. The chemistry was both beautiful and heart breaking. Together Cami was able to stop denying her fault in a terrible tragedy deny what she felt all along and Bradan was finally to let the hurt of his past heal and finally put away his womanizing ways for good. No longer running away but towards each other. No longer shattered but forever bonded.

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