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What happens when you fall in love with the sister of the serial killer you’re hunting? Something perfectly tortured…

ATL agent Harrison Fairclough has one thing on his mind: stopping a serial killer. He knows who the man is, where he lives and who he’s murdered. The problem? He can’t prove Liam Forrester is a killer without exposing ATL—an agency that isn’t supposed to exist. Needing to get close to Liam, and lead investigators to him before someone else dies, Harrison comes up with the perfect solution…he dates the serial killer’s sister. Except his plan quickly derails once he meets the curvy physical therapist. He’s drawn to her sensual smile, comes to crave her kisses and touch, until the body count rises. 

Kiera Forrester’s schizophrenic brother, Liam, has occupied the past ten years of her life. He still does, so much that she’s moved to Florida to watch over him. When she meets her new neighbor, Harrison, she’s instantly attracted to the sexy web designer. But as their relationship heats up and Kiera realizes she’s falling in love with Harrison, she’s afraid there’s no future for them. The dark secrets of Liam’s past can’t be hidden away, especially when those secrets lead to murder…

To get the most from the C.O.R.E. Above the Law trilogy, it’s recommended to read the books in order: Perfectly Twisted (Book 1), Perfectly Toxic (Book 2), Perfectly Tortured (Book 3).

April 19
Kristine Mason
Kristine Thompson

Customer Reviews

CherieN64 ,

Arc Review

I recommend this author for a suspenseful ride in every book. With this book Kristine Mason did not disappoint. This thriller kept me at the edge of my seat and emotional for its characters

DianaDavidsonTX ,

Perfectly Wonderful

Perfectly Tortured. What a perfect name for this book! Our hero, heroine and bad guy are all being tortured one way or another.
Harrison is still tortured over what happened at The House of Archer, his past and his inability to see he's deserving of not only forgiveness, but love and a normal future.
Keira is struggling with her guilt, a terrible secret and a wondering if she can ever have chance at happiness.
And Liam. Well let's just say he is a special box of crazy. He's struggling to live a normal life, while feeding his demons and keeping what he thinks is his sanity.
And we got to see Vlad! I just love that big lug. Hoping his story comes soon. I'd love to see his HEA. Maybe a blonde with big...personality?
This story's pace was fast and on point. Everything moved steady and flowed perfectly while the story was built. And that twist at the end was wild!
I loved that this not only capped off the ATL trilogy but set the scene for the next series. I am a huge fan of Kristine Mason. I believe she's one of the best Romantic Suspense authors out there and highly recommend reading all of her works.

Chelz286 ,

Dexter meet Gretchen Lowell

Imagine Dexter's dark passenger mixed with Chelsea Cain's lead female Gretchen Lowell - working together! I really enjoyed the story line of this book. It still had ATL and C.O.R.E, but they were background. I thorough got to enjoy learning more about Harrison as well as the new character Kiera. It will be interesting to see where that leads out. Vlad had quite the change come about, but it's a good new side of him. I really enjoyed the fast pace read of this book, there was a twist I had not seen coming, although it now, I feel opens the door of wanting to know more background on Bella and her shady past. I feel there are so many different directions the next book could go, I am really looking forward to it.

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