Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller Box Set 1

Books 1-3: Forever Road, Black Opal, Rocks & Gravel

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Publisher Description

Haunted. Outcast. Cursed. Meet Peri Jean Mace.

She’s a psychic medium who’d rather get into a fist-fight than communicate with the dead.

Her problem? Talking to ghosts is the only way Peri Jean can save her own life.

If you like Southern-fried Urban Fantasy starring a no-bull heroine, you’ll love the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series. Step into a shadowy world of ghosts, curses, and murder for a wild ride through East Texas and beyond.

Box Set 1 includes first 3 books in the Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thriller series: Forever Road, Black Opal, and Rocks & Gravel.

Download it today and stay up all night with Peri Jean Mace.

Book 1: Forever Road

A world full of ghosts. A reluctant psychic medium. Destiny only knocks once—then it kicks down the door.

Peri Jean Mace thinks seeing ghosts is a curse, but her murdered trailer trash cousin doesn’t care. She wants Peri Jean to expose her killer. 

Peri Jean figures out everyone in her one-stoplight East Texas town has something to hide. And one of them will kill to hide the truth. In over her head, Peri Jean has to overcome her fear and face her curse or end up the next victim.

Book 2: Black Opal

A magical gemstone. A haunted plantation house. A murderer on the loose. Destiny and ghosts can really ruin a road trip.

Peri Jean Mace travels to Louisiana’s plantation country to catch her two-timing boyfriend with his pants down. A car wreck later, she’s stuck in a house full of strangers solving a decades-old murder mystery. 

But when Peri Jean finds a necklace that enhances her supernatural abilities, she unearths secrets a murderer thought forever buried. Now a target herself, Peri Jean is in a race against a stone-cold killer masquerading as a regular person. 

Can Peri Jean figure out the truth in time?

Book 3: Rocks & Gravel

A cursed fortune. A vengeful ghost. Ruthless treasure hunters. Destiny doesn’t care if you have other plans.

Peri Jean Mace avoids the ill-fated Mace Treasure every which way she can. A girl needs some semblance of normal in her life. But when a ghost steals treasure clues, Peri Jean learns a frightening truth about her ancestry and the Mace Treasure curse.

Now Peri Jean must team up with a condemned spirit to prevent cutthroat treasure hunters from activating the curse. Failure will unleash the fury of hell upon Gaslight City, destroying everything and everybody Peri Jean loves.

Can Peri Jean kiss normal goodbye fast enough to save all she loves?

Sci-Fi & Fantasy
November 14
Catie Rhodes
Catie Rhodes

Customer Reviews

SDK72 ,

Great beginning to a terrific series!

A word about books set in East Texas:
If the woods don’t interest you…
rednecks make you squirm…
you’re allergic to simple-living folks…
magic scares ya...
or you can’t deal with the vernacular (which, admittedly can be a bit coarse)…
then these books aren’t for you because Catie Rhodes’s settings, language, dialogue, descriptions, and characters are achingly authentic and hauntingly, beautifully raw.

Forever Road:

I stumbled upon Catie Rhodes while doing some research of my own, and I'm glad I did. The first book in her Peri Jean Mace series was an absolute page-turner. Growing up in the same area as the author, I was delighted by the setting of the story and the East Texas references and sayings peppered throughout the book. Her characters are likable and real, the dialogue was natural, unforced, and true to the region, and the tale itself was masterfully woven so that, although I had an inkling, I didn't figure out the mystery before it was revealed.
Stories told from first person aren't even my favorite, but Ms. Rhodes made being in Peri Jean Mace's head a pleasure. This book was great from start to finish, with a nice, professional-looking cover, spot-on editing, and terrific writing. I'm definitely a fan and will be purchasing the next books in the series.

Black Opal :

The gritty yet lovable Peri Jean Mace is back in this second installment of Catie Rhodes's Peri Jean Mace Ghost Thrillers series—but this time, her ability’s gone hi-def. In this fast-paced, well-contrived story, our favorite East Texas "sixth senser” is back and thrust into a whole new mystery revolving around her love interest’s family. A curse more than a gift, her power to detect the dead is "in stereo" thanks to a talisman from the past, forcing Peri Jean to put aside the fear and shame associated with her ability and use it to solve a decades-old murder.

In classic Peri Jean style, she does what she can to help, following clues left by the dead, while dealing with her own real-life issues: the failing health of a beloved family member, a new boyfriend, his ex. I love that throughout it all, the author makes certain that Peri Jean stays true to herself no matter where she is or what she’s doing or who she’s around. I know this is terrible, but I kind of hope she never stops smoking.

I became a huge fan of Peri in the first book of this series, and I was relieved to find her unchanged in this book. I do wish that the story had been longer, the mystery less straightforward (this one I actually did figure out before it was revealed), but those were my only druthers. I finished this book in record time because I couldn’t put it down. As I’ve come to expect from Ms. Rhodes, this tale was well-edited, realistic (even in its fiction), and just a fun, entertaining read. 

Rocks and Gravel:

Get ready for a nail-biting, jaw-clenching, side-splitting, gut-wrenching good time that you won't be able to put down! 
Amid the heat, humidity, and bugs of east Texas, Peri Jean Mace wrestles her own demons—and some new ones—in this third installment of the series. With the help of a powerful black opal, Peri bounces back and forth between supporting her boyfriend’s campaign and being forced to reach out to the spirit world to solve a burglary and murder. As the entire fate of Gas Light City hangs in the balance, Peri is forced to unweave the mystery surrounding her family's cursed legacy, the Mace Treasure. But the dangers that the dark forces guarding the treasure threaten are nothing compared the people hunting it. 
The author once again expresses herself in fresh, fun ways that are true to the setting and make this sliver of the East Texas piney woods seem like the most interesting place on earth. Which is a feat, let me tell you.

u2zoo2 ,

Peri Jean mace thriller box set 1

Each book in this set is NOT a stand alone -- which may mean author's other books are not either.
The first book has almost nothing about Peri Jean's ability to see ghosts. She learns more about her skills as she becomes more accepting of her abilities.
The box set covers one very interesting story and continues an addictive story.

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