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A Magic Cauldron

One Of Them Is Tossed Into Another Multiverse

A Secret Dark Society - One More Thing To Battle…

Krak Ling’s Ring calls to Persy and she, Thad, Benson and P-C rush into an unauthorized trip to retrieve it, narrowly missing being killed by guards, when P-C unleashes a power no one knew he possessed or could use, even him.

As expected, Krak Ling hunts them down to take his ring back, but in the negotiations, he reveals the next Magic Object which Melanthios is about to attempt to capture…The Cauldron of Ceridwen. Why this cauldron? The best person to explain that is Lady Druanna, the resident authority on all things Celtic Magic.

- Someone at school has found out who and what she is and is trying to expose her. Good-bye privacy and Hello World Lab Rat!

- There is someone who Persy always believed to be a mundane…normal human who is about to 'come out' as a Magical. Who knew?

- Romance sparks from unexpected corners

Excerpt From Chapter 10 - Lato:

“Should we have a peek?”

“Well, seeing as we’re here,” replied Thad, with a wry grin.

They slipped inside the room, closing the door behind them. Darson found a desk lamp on the table on the diaz and turned it on. It illuminated the room just enough to see, but not call attention to them by flooding the space under the door.

“Now what?” asked Darson. “How or where would it be hidden?”

“Well, obviously, with magic. Let’s do an energy search.”


They closed their eyes and put their hands out in front of them, slowly turning to run a general check over the room. Nothing.  

“Ok, let’s try the ceiling and floor, then go close to each wall.  It may be really well covered and we need to get closer to pick it up,” said Thad.


Thad gave Darson a sideways glance. “Not done this much, have you?”

“Can’t. Told you that.”


They slowly pointed their palms over the ceiling and then the floor. Nothing.

“Fine,” said Thad. “Let’s check the walls closely.

They started at one corner and walked very slowly along the wall. About halfway along the second wall, Thad picked up a small, but persistent vibration. It was as if you’d loosely cupped a small dragonfly in your hands and it kept beating it’s wings.

“ ‘Alo, ‘alo…what ‘ave we ‘ere then?” remarked Thad, sounding very like Benson.

“I’ll grab a candle. We need to be able to see this better,” said Darson.

He lit it close to the wall. Still, they couldn’t see any seam or evidence that something opened there.

They both ran their hands over the wall, sensing the vibration, but unable to detect anyway to get to it.

“Ok, let’s get serious. Keep the veil up and hold your purple crystal. I’m going to peel some magic back.” Thad reached into the back of his jeans, pulled out his wand and said, “Aperios.” A small bright blue light shone from the tip of his wand. Energy waves appeared over a space of about one foot by one foot on the wall. The waves diminished and a small door was revealed. Thad lifted a small brass latch and pulled. The door opened and inside it was lined in black velvet. In the centre was a scroll, about eight inches in length. Thad put his wand back, and extracted the scroll.

Darson came up behind him, looking over Thad’s shoulder as he unwound the scroll. Both of them read for a few minutes, then Darson commented, “Huh? This is crazy”.

“Indeed. Obviously a code,” Thad narrowed his eyes, hoping things would be more clear. Nope.

They stared at the scroll for another few minutes when Darson took in a sharp breath and said, “Wait! I think I’ve seen something like this before. We need to get back to my Grandfather’s books.” 

Who will possess Magical Object 2 at the end of this tantalizing escapade? The only way to find out is to read: The Persephane Pendrake Chronicles - Two- The Cauldron of Ceridwen.

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Sci-Fi & Fantasy
January 1
Lady Ellen
Deborah Baker

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