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What if you thought you lived in a world that felt like a prison, full of slavery and oppression? That is the premise behind Persona 5, where the teenagers feel just that, with them being ruled by corrupted and twisted adults. In order to seek freedom, they live dual lives, being students during the day and Phantom Thieves at night. With the help of a mysterious smartphone app, they enter another world, where they "steal" the hearts of the corrupt adults in order to reform them.

This guide will contain the following once it is completely finished: 

- A complete beginning-to-end walkthrough, with detailed boss strategies

- A detailed look into all of the Confidants

- Every single Request that takes you into the mysterious Mementos

- Coverage of every single mini-game

- The location of every single Persona in the game, including a detailed look into Fusion

- A comprehensive trophy guide that will get you that elusive platinum trophy

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May 13
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Customer Reviews

anymonoes ,


$9.99 for 6 pages, Scam.

EpicHatchet ,

Better info on websites

Use a web guide instead. This is absolutely useless

pisceskat ,

haphazardly constructed and incomplete

I downloaded the demo of the book and decided to give it a try. Worst dollars ever spent. Features that I thought would be included, such as a complete list of confidants and other compendiums, were either completely missing or not even half way done. The walk through itself does not cover the entirety of the game, cutting off abruptly at telling you to play some video games in November.

Do not by this book. The data you will use using the internet is much more worth it.