Personal Foul

Coach Joe Moore vs. The University of Notre Dame

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It was bad enough when popular offensive line coach Joe Moore sued the University of Notre Dame for age discrimination—but matters got much worse when the lawsuit uncovered disquieting evidence of unethical and inappropriate conduct in a football program widely regarded as a model of probity. This is the dramatic story of that explosive lawsuit, which tarnished Notre Dame's burnished football image: the winner of eleven national titles; the home of legends Knute Rockne, the Gipper and the Four Horsemen; the subject of innumerable books and films—Notre Dame football has been idealized as everything that is good and right about American sports competition and, indeed, about America itself. This riveting story begins in November 1996, when Bob Davie is hired as head coach to replace the beloved Lou Holtz. In one of his first-and most fateful-executive decisions, Davie fires 64 year old Joe Moore because—as Davie puts it—he needs someone younger for the job. Attorney Rick Lieberman takes on Joe Moore's case and in this absorbing book he describes the trial and the enormous tensions to which litigants like Joe Moore are subject. This is a David and Goliath story in which the Notre Dame attorneys attempt to destroy Joe Moore's reputation as both a coach and a man. In the process, Davie's own background comes under close scrutiny as a reporter's investigation reveals some damning evidence. And as the trial proceeds, Notre Dame's football program is shown to be rife with legal improprieties and inappropriate behavior involving both coaches and administrators. Anyone interested in sports, in the law, in stories of blatant injustice—and in Notre Dame—will find Personal Foul a fascinating, revealing and memorable read.

Professional & Technical
August 30
Chicago Review Press
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