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A new second chance STANDALONE.

A simple, secret affair with my brother's best friend—that's what it was supposed to be.

Zachary Calloway was the master of broken hearts and completely off limits.

Except his smooth talking sexy ways were irresistible, landing me in over my head.

Jade Lauder was supposed to be a secret. No one could ever know the times we shared.

Except here she stood with the biggest change in our lives.

Years of secrets will be revealed.

Years of heartache will come back to deliver a bitter sting.

Years of friendships will be demolished.

Years of lies will be exposed.

All for something we couldn't deny.

The broken heart I never intended to give her stands between us.

With no more secrets, it's time to persuade her to give me a second chance.

A second chance at loving her…

And this time, I'm not letting go.

May 23
TC Matson
Draft2Digital, LLC

Customer Reviews

Angela Lamb ,

OMG! I LOVED me some Zach!

5 “Mashed Potatoes” Stars

Oh Zach! You made me swoon and fought really hard for Ryker’s place in my heart, but it still belongs to him. Just know though, you are a reallyyyyyyy close second ;).

Zach Calloway and Jade Lauder have been a secret hookup for years. They’ve kept it a secret because she’s his best friend’s little sister and Max would blow a gasket if he knew the truth. Then the unthinkable happens. Ten years of secrets, the ultimate betrayal, all comes crashing down with two little blue lines. After the initial shock, Zach sees this as his chance to show her the love he’s been telling her for years, but she never believed. I really wanted to punch Jade for tormenting my man like that, and I get why she fought it, but I wanted her to give in much sooner lol. They are both in love with each other, just too stubborn, or chicken, to act on it. The chemistry these two have is OFF THE CHARTS hot and I swear my kindle was smoking! Matson’s writing is brilliant and she does an amazing job bringing the emotions to the front and making you feel like your living this story with the characters. The love Jade and Zach share, the betrayal that Max is feeling, GAH! Then there’s the letter from Zach to Jade...tear city.

Overall, I absolutely LOVED this book. I loved seeing Easton and Zoey and where they are now. I loved how in the end Zach’s love for Jade overrides his friendship and brotherhood with Max and that he can woo her with mashed potatoes lol. This is definitely a different series for Matson than her beloved fighters, but she is certainly knocking it out of the park. I cannot wait for Max’s book! Do yourself a favor and pick up the Debonair series today.

Angela - Alphas Do It Better Book Blog

CeeJay Daisy ,


I don’t care what Zachary Calloway does for a living, how much money he has, and I don’t even care what his reputation as a “heartbreaker” is with the ladies, his heart makes him the ultimate book boyfriend and, in my opinion, he’s the sexiest of the three friends making up The Debonair Series.❤️🌼🔥
Zach has been, secretly, in love with Jade Lauder, the extremely off-limbaby sister of his best friend, Ben, since they were in high school, and has been having secret rendezvous (even though he wanted more) with Jadfor many years, so when, after all these years, a surprise to reveal their secrets occurs, Zach sees his second chance for a real relationshipJade , and he’s going to take it, no matter the consequences or how much time and patience it takes to convince Jade of his true feelings...❤️🌼🔥
TC Matson is a master of telling hot, intriguing stories of sexy, alpha males and the beautiful, strong women with whom they fall in love...She also, knows her way around a steamy sex scene....PERSUADING PERFECTION, like BROKEN BOUNDARIES, is TC Matson at her best...❤️🌼🔥

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