Petite Fashion The Long and Short of It

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The Definitive Guide to Creating a Smart, Stylish, Sophisticated And Adult Look for Petite Ladies

This book will educate you on how to save you from the land of fugly! We set out on a mission years ago to find out why petite ladies settle for any old thing to throw on and walk out the door, and what we found has astonished us.
It all started with them not being able to find shoes to fit in and just snowballed from there.Then they couldn't find any clothes to fit their unique petite body frames, so gave up there resorting to clothes and shoes from the kid's sectionWait it gets worse!When we dug around deeper and we found, on the outskirts of this were a group of ladies EVEN more in the dark!When they did eventually try to "dress up" for a formal occasion, they didn't have a clue where to begin and this deep anxiety resulted in them giving up there too!What began as a FASHION problem slowly morphed itself into a SOCIAL ISOLATION problem.
And We're Not Blowing Smoke Either

Fashion Stylists and Psychologists Worldwide who have come to the same conclusion:

"Some people don't stray far from the basics and if they don't have any kind of demanding trend-led job, they just wear old-fashioned corporate textures. They don't have any visual influences. The life they've created (usually on purpose) is not demanding a change from them" KATE NIGHTINGALE, STYLE PSYCHOLOGY

"You get people who felt good at 18-24, and they discovered a look they enjoyed so they stick to that look and never move. 'They never move and they take it with them through their entire life which is why you can often tell a person's age by the way they dress" LISA SHOWMAN, STYLE BUG

Now we know what you are thinking

"But I can't just change my entire image in a snap of my fingers"

That is FEAR talking...

You can do anything you want!

"Being ignorant is not so much a shame, as being unwilling to learn" BENJAMIN FRANKLIN

But we get it

Changing Your Entire Personal Style is definitely not easy!

The good news however is, Changing Your Personal Style can be taught.

Style is not magic (as much as those artsy-fartsy fashion designers have tried to convince you it is) and it's not about high-class expensive brands either.

Personal Style is simply about colours, textures, patterns, shapes and following a few Do's and Don'ts to help REVEAL your TRUE SELF without the need for verbal expression.


Is a 3 Part Book Series to help all petite ladies completely change their Personal Style, and by default their lives for less than $100

This book teaches Petite Ladies to Step Up and kick the Stigma associated with their height and dress sense.

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July 4
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