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For a limited time only! Pets in Space® 4 is proud to present 13 amazing, original new stories! Join the adventures as today’s leading Science Fiction Romance authors take you on a journey to another world. Pets in Space® proudly supports Hero-Dogs.org, a non-profit charity that provides service animals to veterans and first responders in need. Join New York Times, USA TODAY and Award-winning Bestselling authors S.E. Smith, Anna Hackett, Tiffany Roberts, Veronica Scott, Pauline Baird Jones, Laurie Green, Donna McDonald, Regine Abel, Alexis Glynn Latner, JC Hay, E.D. Walker, Kyndra Hatch, and Cassandra Chandler for another exciting Pets in Space® anthology. Get the stories before they are gone!

Proud supporters of Hero-Dogs.org, Pets in Space® authors have donated over $7,100 in the past two years to help place specially trained dogs with veterans and first responders. Open your hearts and grab your limited release copy of Pets in Space® 4 today!

Fiction & Literature
October 8
Cats, Dogs & Other Worldly Creatures
Pauline Baird Jones

Customer Reviews

Jannie3381 ,

I love these Sci-Fi pet stories!

It’s always so much fun to meet the unusual companions in these delightful stories! I still have a few of them left to read and I know they will be enjoyable.

* Madas’s Falling Star: Lords of Kassis by S. E. Smith
Fascinating story!
I recall Madas and Gril from earlier in the series. The story of their meeting is filled with dangerous treks through forests, over mountains and bog. Madas lead him on a merry chase!
I find the separation of the Tearnat groups, and the way they’ve developed differently over time interesting. L’eon is a most extraordinary, adept pet, although there is some question as to ‘pet’ status! I love it!!

* Dark Guard: House of Rone by Anna Hackett
So much excitement! This short tale is packed with adventures featuring a cyborg with powerful telekinesis abilities, a cyborg hunting cat named Cat, and Calla, a Rellan chef. Cat would let no one harm her people. She’s absolutely amazing! Our telekinetic cyborg , Zaden, is pretty hot. He’s every bit as protective as Cat, and fast falling for Calla. A delightful story!

* Entwined Fates by Tiffany Roberts
Second-Chance Romance
Well done, with several chapters of earlier years to bring the reader to the current time. Volcair’s intensity, even as a child, draws me in. Kiara’s exuberance and beautiful personality make her perfect for the ‘wound too tight’ Volcair. Cypher is a superb companion/guard and proves his worth as a protector. Incredibly satisfying, even in such a short tale.

* Cyborg’s Revenge: Project Enterprise by Pauline Baird Jones
I do enjoy Cyborgs! Although it seems as if we’ve come in amid an ongoing story arc, the author does a great job of bringing us up to speed regarding this dangerous mission and those who are taking it on. I love the interplay between Rap, Ale, Snake, and the two AIs. Win a battle to take down an evil entity, throw in a sweet bit of romance (they’re shy, what can I say?), and you have an entertaining story!

* Nothing Remotely Familiar: Topper Witch by Donna McDonald
A delightful story in the life of a witch with a most unusual family.
Fun and funny! And, oh, the intrigue - the romance. Jessica’s familiar is quite unusual and certainly wins the day with his timely, critically necessary attacks. Very enjoyable!

* Doom: Xian Warriors by Regine Abel
Excellent! A very exciting introduction to the Xian Warriors who fought to keep the Kryptids from overtaking earth. The battles with the invaders seem relentless. How can they win? Victoria, with her need to help whomever she can, soon runs into Doom and his team. I adore Doom’s companion, a Creckel named Stran. He’s an amazing, intelligent being who makes sure Victoria stays safe while Doom battles Kryptids. I’d love to see more about them!

* The Princess and Her Bodyguard by E D Walker
A really good story, easy to find my way with what’s happening and who is who. I love the princess who is versatile, knowledgeable in far more than royal manners and to whom status doesn’t matter. Jacen, her bodyguard, is highly capable and determined to rescue his love. Pym, her caliba companion is incredibly protective; I think he’s wonderful! Even he gets his own HEA.

* Interrupting Starlight by Kyndra Hatch
A very exciting story! Tessa has survived a crash on a hostile desert planet, but will she survive rescue by the enemy? Her pet, Squeak, is an acquisitive, sparkly-loving molk. Incredibly adaptable and considered a scourge by the Karthans. This is a heartwarming story, populated by L’Den, a sexy Karthan cyborg with his not-a-hellhound mogha companion, A’rch, Tessa, her pet Squeak, and numerous secondary characters. I love watching seeing T’Den and Tessa become more and more in tune with each other, and the shenanigans their companions get into!

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