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Mix one part Mermaid—one part Genie. Throw in an intoxicated God of the Sea and and a few smack-talking Pirates. What have you got?


Petunia’s Pandemonium to be more accurate.


Letting the ocean current take me where it may for the last twenty-five years hasn’t worked out so great. So, instead of getting my tail in a knot, I’m making some swimmingly simple changes. 

—Stay on Mystical Isle with my cousins who love me.

—Avenge my parents and eliminate the sea monster who’s wreaking havoc.

—Forget about the gorgeous, no-good Genie who left me at the altar… so to speak.

—Stay away from Genies until the end of time.

—Join Poseidon’s embarrassingly named online dating service for Immortals and get back into the game.

What could go wrong?


I’m a Genie in a bottle baby. Or at least I was. After spending a quarter of a century, doing time for streaking at the Super Bowl after being destroyed by love, I’m a free man. It’s time to get my life together and forget about the Mermaid who didn’t want me. The list is simple.

—Stop granting wishes to idiots.

—Figure out why the Genie Star Fire Light in my eyes is burning out before I die a slow agonizing death.

—Eat an outstanding cheeseburger.

—Stay away from Mermaids.

—Join Poseidon’s embarrassingly named online dating service for Immortals and get back into the game.

It’s a plan. Not necessarily a stellar one, but it’s a plan.

Come for the Vacation. Stay for the Shenanigans!

November 18
Robyn Peterman
Robyn Peterman-Zahn

Customer Reviews

meemah-kim ,

So funny

An amazing adventure from the hilarious Mystical Isle crew. Mermaids, a genie, pirates, gods, sea monster, and a Yeti what more could you ask for to entice you to read this wonderful story!

math wizard ,

Pandemonium Perfect Title

Such an interesting book! I love the romance with the mystery angle. I really enjoy the different characters but I am kept busy with all the names and shenanigans! Robyn Peterman has an awesome sense of humor with excellent writing skills as evidenced by her books!
This book involves another mermaid with a love of her life being a genie! He is stuck in a bottle for 25 years but the love they shared never went away! When you get through all the names and twist to the plot you will have a few surprises and one of them is a little pirate Sphinx called Upton! I know you will enjoy this book because it will be hard to stop laughing as you read it!

fcheavenly ,

Must read!

Overall rating: 4.8

This is just one more of an amazing, quirky, series that has captivated me from day one! Petunia , of course, is front and center to finally meet (using that loosely) her match and that’s about all I can say without exposing the wealth of humorous entertainment that awaits you from day one. We all wish we could meet such interesting BFFs on our life journeys! Why the .8 rating? Because every time I feel this author hit a solid 5, she manages to outdo herself in the next book. A slam dunk recommend so lock and load onto your readers people! All my reviews are always voluntarily written.

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