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Phineas Gage was truly a man with a hole in his head. Phineas, a railroad construction foreman, was blasting rock near Cavendish, Vermont, in 1848 when a thirteen-pound iron rod was shot through his brain. Miraculously, he survived to live another eleven years and become a textbook case in brain science.

At the time, Phineas Gage seemed to completely recover from his accident. He could walk, talk, work, and travel, but he was changed. Gage "was no longer Gage," said his Vermont doctor, meaning that the old Phineas was dependable and well liked, and the new Phineas was crude and unpredictable.

His case astonished doctors in his day and still fascinates doctors today. What happened and what didn’t happen inside the brain of Phineas Gage will tell you a lot about how your brain works and how you act human.

Young Adult
November 1
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Grades 5-7

Customer Reviews

Sage Kelly ,

Phineas the amazing

I would have to say myself that Phineus gage was a amazing book that I would gladly recommend for all readers to read this book with it fantastic knowledge of brain science and the way Phineas gage was abel to survive this unpleasant injury to the head.

Tlaw1022 ,

Phineas gaga

The story in this book was very good but I wouldn't read it for enjoyment for it ran away from the story at points and went in depth about the brain parts and functions of the brain

TheUnknownR ,

Phineas Gage

This book was awesome. A man survives a horrific accident and lived on to tell about it for eleven and a half years. Unbelievable to an every day person. Understandable to a scientist. His accident made scientists think of what truly is happening in our brain.