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Book of Souls is the first in a series which chronicles my adventures as the keeper of the Book of Souls.
My name is Phoenix Featherstone and I just had a bunch of crap dumped on me. First, my grandmother was murdered and her wish was for me to move into her house out in BFE, translation, Brindle Falls Estates. Her other dying wish was I take over all the duties that come with the house. Imagine my surprise when I find out from Mumiah, an angel, that I am now the keeper of the Book of Souls-a list, penned in God’s own blood, of those whose lineage ends in the one who will defeat Lucifer and begin the 1000 year reign of peace. Did I forget to mention I am on the list?
You would think that would be a full time job but no, there is more. I am also the slayer of those who try to kill those on the list and they like to try and kill back. Whoever killed Grandma took the dagger I need to kill said demons and a rare plant needed to make an elixir that heals angels that have been attacked by demons. If that wasn’t enough the neighbor, Liam, is HOT and keeps trying to save my life and I have to keep demons, angels and secrets from him all the while making sure he knows he has the green light.
This job does come with cool toys. Mumiah gave me an amulet, passed down from keeper to keeper, that protects the domain of the angels and book of souls by hiding the vibration of the angel realm from Lucifer, gives me massive strength and the abilities to see demons. One tried to eat me, but I thought she was cute and adopted her as my niece.
So before all hell breaks loose on earth, I have to find the plant that was stolen so I can make the elixir, find the dagger so I don’t end up dead, protect the book of souls, those on the list and keep Liam interested until I can let him in on my secret life.
Wish me luck; I’m going to need it. And if you have my plant, or dagger for that matter, I want it back. 30% off coupon code: mp38m

Fiction & Literature
June 16
Kelly Ojstersek
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