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Horse sports are some of the most colourful and atmospheric sports to photograph and technology, modern DSLR Cameras, and the rise of the smartphone has put photography in the hands of everyone. These cameras do much of the technical work that previously put photography beyond the reach of most of us. 

With over 100 images to illustrate pitfalls and points of reference for achieving better photographs at horse shows this booklet is filled with tips for those looking to get a little more than 'point and shoot' results from their photography of horse sports. Made for iPad and Mac OSX using Apple's interactive iBooks format it's the perfect companion for any keen amateur equestrian photographer.

Every gamut of photography is a form of artistic expression, so composition & framing a shot is very much a matter of taste. However, like every art form there are general rules and formats that ‘just work’ – like ‘the rule of thirds’. So even with the wonders of modern technology there are still techniques that turn good results into great results.

I’ve learnt a lot over the last 3 years photographing horses in sport, through trial, error, and research. I am still very much an amateur photographer, but with so many people taking photos at horse shows these days I thought my own experiences might be helpful to others who are looking to get more out of their snaps from a day out at a competition, so I wrote a booklet with some of my own thoughts and tips on composition!

I hope this booklet helps you fine tune your photography of horse sports turning good photos into great photos, and please do leave some feedback in an iTunes Review. 

You can find more photographs and help at: http://photography.talkinghorse.net 

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July 22
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