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Know How to Get into Photography and Become a Professional Photographer

Welcome aspiring photographer! You are here because you have a love for or are interested in taking up the art of photography. Plain and simple. Well, good for you!

On the other hand if you're not...why should you get into photography?

- You can invoke powerful feelings that move and inspire people.
- You can develop your artistic side and eye to see beauty in all things.
- You can capture people's precious moments to create priceless memories.
- You can make a difference by telling the world's stories through imagery.
- You can make money doing something fun, exciting, and stimulating.

Whether you want to be an editorial photographer, fashion photographer, event photographer, portrait photographer, commercial photographer, landscape photographer, etc., there are so many paths you could go with photography - as a profession, hobbit, or just for fun.

But anybody can take a photo you say? On the surface, photography does seem like something anybody and their monkey can do; hence, you hold a camera, focus it, and hit the shutter button. And don't think just being able to apply Instagram filters is what makes a photo professional.

It would be an insult to the real professionals out there to say that anybody with a camera or phone is a photographer; however, at the same, anybody certainly can become a photographer. It's simply a matter of having the basic foundation down then building upon that to continue mastering your craft.

By taking the "Photography Express," your destination includes:

- How to select the perfect camera for you, not the most expensive nor best rated one that changes every year.

- How to master the basic and advanced photo-taking techniques that all professional photographers know.

- How to manipulate all sorts of lighting or none whatsoever with each camera shot and angle regardless of flash.

- How to polish up your photos to perfection during final post-editing with different editing options and software.

- How to take photography to the next level by being a professional photography in starting your own business.

- Also, personalized hands-on exercises and applications to put everything into action to learn photography for beginners.

...and much more.

There is more to the art of photography than most people would ever imagine. All the nuances of a photo meticulously created takes skills and mastery. "Photography Express" will give you everything you need to get up to speed to being a professional photographer.

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June 18
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Customer Reviews

Lil_sparkler ,

Off to a great start thanks to this book!

I have dabbled in photography for quite a while, but never really understood what megapixels were or how many were actually good for what I wanted to do, and what equipment I’ve needed. After going on a picture printing spree and spending over $60 on prints that came back looking horrible compared to how they looked in my phone and camera too, I realized I really needed help! Lol Also, after reading this I realized that I wasted over $500 on my last Nikon DSLR camera because it was just too complicated for me, a beginner, that I felt frustrated and knew right away it was probably a bit much for me to start out with. I like the way Photography Express makes me feel so at ease in that I am not alone in all the confusion that can come with trying to understand and decide which of the so many choices are out there for photography hopefuls.
I enjoyed the pointers to study the work of various photographers and also the reliable sources the book provided for those of us who want to research further, and study trustworthy reviews and info on what’s best to purchase for what we want to accomplish.
Photography Express is so well written and broken down in ways that are very easy to absorb. The book has exercises, examples and diagrams to help you along as you learn to perfect those shots! Everything from subject placement, to lighting type and placement are fully covered as are editing software programs that range in price from upper range, right down to free depending on your needs!
I think the authors did a wonderful job taking the intimidation out of getting started with photography and sent me off on a path that will have me creating and printing some amazing photos! This way, my next picture printing spending spree won’t be wasted on pics that are poorly centered, edited, shaded, etc. It’s a quick read too, which I LOVED, yet it sure is power packed!
This is truly a great starting point that you cannot go wrong with. Highly recommend Photography Express!

C.M.Miller ,

Want to learn how to be a Photographer? Read this Informative Book!

There are many people that want to be photographers but what does it take to become a great one? Or to even get noticed as a great professional photographer? Patrick Powers and KnowIt Express have summed it up all in one tiny package for you. They go over not only the skills, tricks and art of photography but also give you tips on this as well.
It is important that your camera is an extension of yourself, now this doesn't mean you have to go out and get the most expensive camera. This book will help you to understand the camera and criteria to help you to select one. It even gives you a list of great cameras to buy.
They help you understand different techniques on taking photographs from the Composition of the Photograph to ensuring that your subject is in the frame correctly, and how to focus the eye towards it.
Not only that the authors also help you to understand what lighting to use and how lighting is important to the photograph and its subject. When it is appropriated to use a flash as well as when it is best to use natural lighting.
This wonderful book even covers editing a photo with a photo editing program such as Adobe Photoshop or Gimp. It explains different editing options and what to do with them as well as naming off some of the best programs to use for editing.
If you are wanting to become a professional Photographer and earn money for your photographs, this book also gives you tips and information on how to do so. From getting your business off the ground to charging for your photos to marketing your business to clients year round and much more.
It also explains that constantly learning new techniques is important to stay ahead of the game so to speak. They encourage the photographer to never stop honing their skills.
If I was asked my opinion of this book, and of course that is what this review is, Know How to Get into Photography and Become a Professional Photographer by Patrick Powers and KnowIt Express is a great book for those that want to learn photography and possibly become a photographer themselves.
A very great and informative book throughout.

A.J.1290 ,

Photography Express: Know How to Get into Photography and Become a Professional Photographer

“Photography Express: How To Get into Photography and Become a Professional Photographer” is a book that readers would assume is written by an expert photographer, not because that sort of background would make the information that the author provides relevant and trustworthy, but because certain things about the writing of the book, such as grammatical errors found here and there, i.e. “…as you strive to becoming…”, as well as the tone and voice of the book, do not scream professional writer.

Those issues aside, “Photography Express…” does provide sound advice as far as how to go about deciding what equipment is right for you as your skill level improves, who some of the greats are in the photography world (if not what makes them great and why you should study them), and also resources such as “CNet” and “TechRadar” for researching cameras and additional equipment before making a purchase.

“Photography Express…” is also very reassuring, constantly reminding readers that photography is something they can approach from their current skill level and with the resources currently available to them.

Simple visual exercises are provided throughout the book, which makes sense since photography s a visual art. Lighting experiments that can be done without the need to purchase anything new, as well as tips for editing are also provided, along with comprehensive breakdowns of software options, naturally starting with Photo Shop. This is extremely useful and practical advice for any reader at any interest level.

The basics of photography, such as focus, framing, and of course the rule of thirds are delved into and explained in a way that allows readers to take these things into account right away as they begin or continue their practice. And though not specifically mentioned as so, a lot about the psychology of the way we view things as people and how to use that knowledge in deciding how to photograph a person or thing is explained in ways that are easy to commit to memory for when they are most useful.

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