PHP Error Reporting: How To Do It Right

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PHP's error reporting is not great out of the box, but luckily it provides us with a way to set up our own custom error handling. This book gets stuck into how to do error handling well, with practical examples and downloadable code. We also take a broader look at strategies and best practices.

What you will learn
- all about PHP’s built-in error reporting systems
- An approach to error reporting strategy (what we present to the user vs what goes to the developer)
- What information to include in PHP error reprts (and how to only include the useful stuff)
- sample code for informative admin emails
- Common pitfalls for admin emails, for example: how to throttle the admin email rate so you don’t fill up your email inbox
- Third-party tools to help with reporting
- And which pieces of code are most likely to fail unexpectedly (so we can make our reporting focus on at-risk code).

This book is for you if:
You've ever got phone calls or emails because a site you built is having a problem
You want to improve the error handling on your existing sites
You want your next site to have better error reporting
You want to improve your development and debugging workflow
You want to know about errors before your clients and customers do

Chapter 1: Definitions
Chapter 2: Built-in reporting mechanisms
Chapter 3: Strategies
Chapter 4: Custom Error Reporting
Chapter 5: Custom Error Reporting revisited: much better email reports
Chapter 6: Offline Error Reporting
Chapter 7: Trapping and Treating Errors
Appendix A: (Mostly) Completed GLPErrorReport Class

Also Included:
- Free downloads:
- A lightweight Error Reporting System that sends email reports.
- And an advanced PHP Class that is designed to send email reports in regular digests, and with duplicates filtered out!

Computers & Internet
August 20
Jay Docherty
Draft2Digital, LLC

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