PhraseBook for Writing Papers and Research in English

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The PhraseBook for Writing Papers and Research gives you a bank of over 5000 words and phrases to help you write, present and publish in English.

Phrases are divided into around 30 main sections, such as Introducing a Study, Arguing For and Against, Reviewing other Work, Summarizing and Conclusions.

Writing Help sections give advice on university and research writing, helping you to avoid many common errors in English. Main chapters include Style, Spelling, Punctuation, Grammar, Vocabulary, Numbers and Time.

The 4th edition also includes a University and Research Thesaurus to help you improve your academic vocabulary, as well as a Glossary of University and Research Terminology.

The PhraseBook is used in more than 30 countries in subjects ranging from Medicine, Engineering, Science and Technology to Law, Business and Economics, Geography, History, Sociology, Psychology, Language and Education.

- Over 5000 words and phrases to help you write, present and publish in English

- Written by PhD authors

- Specially designed for non-native speakers

- Suitable for university and research writing from student to researcher and faculty level

- Includes most frequent words in academic English

- Exercises for individual and classroom use

- British and American English

‘This material, prepared by experienced editors, is certainly very useful’ Photosynthetica

Example phrases

Introducing your work

The study will begin by outlining...

This study addresses a number of issues...

The following section sets out... examine the research problem in detail shed light on a number of problem areas in current theory

The paper presented here is based in part on an earlier study

Arguing for and against

This becomes clear when one examines...

This lends weight to the argument that...

Support for this interpretation comes from...

While it may well be valid that..., this study argues the importance of...

A serious drawback of this approach is...

One of the prime failings of this theory or explanation is...

Reviewing other work

X takes little or no account of...

There is little evidence to suggest that...

The study offers only cursory examination of...

X gives a detailed if not always tenable analysis of...

The authors' claim not well founded.

X's explanation is not implausible, if not entirely satisfactory.

Analysis and explanation

If, for the sake of argument, we assume...

One of the most obvious consequences

Although it may well be true that..., it is important not to overlook...

It is important to distinguish carefully between...

The extent to which this unclear.

A more plausible explanation for or of...would...

The reason unknown, but...has been suggested by X as a possible factor. 

Summary and conclusions

Concluding this section, we can say that...

Chapter X draws together the main findings of the paper.

A number of key issues have been addressed in this study.

This study has highlighted a number of problem areas in existing theory.

While the initial findings are promising, further research is necessary.

The results of this study suggest a number of new avenues for research.

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